Best VPNs for Torrenting… According to Reddit

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Linkedin Reddit is an excellent source of first-hand information about everything from relationships to baking to virtual private networks VPNs. Unsurprisingly, the VPN services that are the most often recommended by the Reddit community are also highly rated by online computer magazines and independent reviewers. What Is Reddit? What makes the success of Reddit even more amazing is the fact that virtually all of its content is user-created.
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Best Reddit VPN As per Redditor’s Choice

Rank the best VPN service providers and share your good and bad experiences with the rest of the internet privacy-loving world! At VPNRanks. There are many hurdles faced by an everyday VPN user, but none of them are as difficult as finding the best VPN service? With hundreds and thousands of VPNs available, choosing the best can be very tricky. This is where Reddit and trusty Redditors come into the picture.

The table that you see above shows the ranking of the best Reddit VPNs selected by different Redditors. So, how were these Reddit VPNs selected and ranked? First, we visited different subreddits and compiled a list of VPN providers From the most popular VPNs on Reddit, we asked Redditors to vote for the best service These VPNs were voted on the basis of reliability, performance, features, and prices Based on the results, the best Reddit VPNs were drafted There are not many communities on this planet that command such enthusiastic and active internet users as Reddit.

You can find almost any solution or answer to your query on Reddit. However, we tried our best by conducting an extensive research on numerous paid VPN services available on Reddit.

According to the results we achieved, here is the list of best paid VPN on Reddit that consists of: For further details regarding free VPN providers. Here is the list of best free VPNs for Reddit. What we mean by that is, many Redditors have praised the VPN service, but some have also experienced its downside.

Overall, one of the reasons why PureVPN is popular among Redditors is because of the value for money it provides. This is why it is our number one Reddit VPN. Many Redditors have suggested the VPN service for school and colleges, unblocking streaming services, and for securing their privacy in various countries.

ExpressVPN offers over servers in popular location around the world, exclusive apps, and software for different devices, around the clock customer support, and day money back guarantee. It is another provider that is extensively discussed on Reddit and is given mixed reviews by Redditors. Some of these reviews pertain to accessing Netflix from various regions, while others involve queries regarding technical issues.

This is a VPN service that will help you bypass geo-restrictions on streaming services and also protect your sensitive data from numerous cyber threats. Various users have rated different aspects about the VPN provider and have received positive feedback in general.

It offers servers across the globe and in major locations, making it a popular choice for streamers and unblockers. Likewise, it’s quick customer support and no logging policy also make it a popular choice among privacy enthusiasts.

However, some criticism that ibVPN has received on Reddit has involved sluggish Windows app and irregular performance. The overall reviews about IronSocket on Reddit are a mixed bag. Some recommend the service based on its reasonable pricing plans, while others enjoy the performance it delivers. That said, there are various negative comments about the VPN service on Reddit as well. Few users found an issue while connecting to IronSocket servers.

But, not all is dark and gloomy. It has one of the largest server networks in the entire VPN industry. However, as commendable as the server spread is, HMA has in constant reviews throughout Reddit. Some users praise the availability of servers in the remotest of locations. You can unblock and access any streaming service using HMA servers.

Many Redditors have shot down HideMyAss for providing a safe and secure experience. Therefore, one thing we can draw from all the feedback about HMA on Reddit is that the service is excellent for anyone looking to unblock and access different websites.

It is recommended by numerous Redditors for multiple purposes. Based on the reviews we collected from Reddit, PIA works for unblocking content, accessing streaming services, securing your privacy, and protecting confidential data from hackers. Some users also recommend PIA while using torrents. While the resounding popularity on Reddit is commendable, not everything is bright and breezy. Few VPN users have complained about poor speeds on different servers. That said, PIA is one of the few providers that takes users privacy very seriously.

Therefore, you can check out the review about PIA on Reddit and give the service a try. It boasts impressive security features along with no logging policy. Unexpected server downtimes and unstable connections are amongst the complaints made by users on Reddit. However, not all the things are rosy for VyprVPN. Since the Redditors have faced some issues while installing the app on their iPhone.

The comments suggested that the provider does not perform well if you wish to stream Netflix from the US servers. Apart from these issues, VyprVPN offers designated apps for different platforms and devices. The service has received mixed reviews on a famous interactive platform like Reddit. Some of the users were skeptical due to its inefficient customer support function.

Furthermore, the lack of servers in different parts of the world has not added anything to its reputation. However, there are users those who have found the service above to their expectations. According to their point of view, the provider has all the right attributes that can make the brand successful in near future. The service operates in 61 countries of the world through the help of servers. The provider offers a list of compelling features like multi-login, compatibility, customer support and so on.

What Redditors Say about Kodi VPN Kodi, a multiplatform media center has become one of the most popular sources of online entertainment in no time. It would not be a surprise if you find a huge following of Kodi on a famous interactive platform like Reddit. Likewise, you can use Kodi to stream your favorite movies quite securely. Fourteen Eyes It is high time for those netizens who are using a VPN service to safeguard their online privacy.

Still, they do not know about Fourteen Eyes. Furthermore, the concept of Nine Eyes evolved when four more countries were added in the form of partners in the existing lists.

These countries are Denmark, France, Holland and Norway. Interestingly, there are five more countries that have been added in the current list of Nine Eyes. According to this consortium, every country has to abide by the rule of exchanging military signal intelligence with other countries. Furthermore, you can consider reading our exclusive Private Internet Access review. Here is the response of one Reddit user indicating you can opt the service on your router through pfSense.

Best Paid VPN on Reddit

March 31, Jamie Cambell Reddit is one of the best places to get reviews from real people. In this article, we share some tips and recommendations we found for torrent-friendly VPNs according to Reddit users. Known for their honest, unbiased, and transparent opinions on almost every topic, Reddit users are often a brilliant source of information. VPNs are no exception. Since Reddit is a site powered by end-user content, all the information you will find there is usually entirely impartial and not funded through an affiliates scheme. While Reddit is a truly magnificent site, there is one problem that users can face—information overload. Because of this, researching a VPN through Reddit can be a time-consuming process.

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So I have been using this vpn but it has failed me occasionally and honestly the only reason I still use it is because it’s free. But i was. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. In fact it has been a very good vpn, with the benefit of the safe guard that if the never used windscribe for torrenting, although was considering. This is for the discussion of torrenting (and similar P2P protocols) using VPN type technology.

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