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Folder Lock also lets you lock files, folders and drives; save your personal information in Wallets; shred files and clean your Windows History. The tool offers bit AES on-the-fly encryption as well as syncing of encrypted files to an online storage. No need to decrypt or manually backup your files. You can later restore files at any time, on any computer. It is the most downloaded file-security application with more than 45 million users.
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Twitter Advertisement Take a second to consider how much sensitive information you have stored on your computer at this moment. Bank information? Family photos? Financial documents? Password protecting your sensitive folders is a basic security step. Read on to learn how to create a password-protected folder to keep your precious files protected, and sneaky onlookers at bay. Method 1: Double-click the folder.

Within this document, copy and paste the following code: FAIL echo Invalid password goto end: In my case, I will name my file Locker. Double-click the BAT file to create your Locker folder. This is the folder that will be locked with your password. You should now have a folder and a file named Locker. Place all your sensitive documents within this Locker folder. A command prompt will open asking if you want to lock your folder.

Input Y and press Enter. Your folder should disappear. This is a natural byproduct of your BAT file. To access your files again, double-click on your Locker. You will be prompted to enter the password you added when creating the file. If you enter your password correctly, your Locker folder will reappear again. That means others who are familiar with this trick may be able to change your password. For the most part, however, this nifty little trick will add a much needed buffer to your most sensitive local documents!

Use it to automate actions. We’ll show you the commands you need to know. Method 2: ZIP Folder Lock While the above trick uses the default Notepad program, you can also both lock and condense your sensitive documents using a popular desktop program named 7-Zip. Typically used to unzip folders and extract files , 7-Zip also allows users to password protect their folders.

To follow this method, first download 7-Zip. Once 7-Zip is downloaded and installed, click the start menu and type 7zip. Select the 7-Zip File Manager option. Then, locate the file or folder you want to protect, click on it, and click the Add option at the top of the window.

Next, enter your new password in the Encryption section. Now that you have your zipped file, delete your original folder as keeping it would defeat the purpose of password protecting your new ZIP file. In the example below, the Sensitive Documents folder will hold my zipped Safe file. Enter your password and your files will appear in your directory. Method 3: Here we cover five ways to hide files, folders, even drives on Windows.

Read More. Right-click a file or folder or your choice and select Properties. Check the Hidden option beside Attributes. Click Apply and then OK. Your file or folder should now disappear. To view your folder again, click on the View tab of your Windows 10 file manager. In the following File Options window, click on the View tab. Finally, click on the option labeled Show hidden files, folders, and drives under Hidden files and folders. You should now be able to view your file or folder.

No matter which you pick, you can rest assured that your previous sensitive documents are safe under an additional layer of protection not enabled by default on your PC. Sometimes, all it takes is a password lock to prevent theft. That applies to the virtual world as much it does to the real world. Here are the best security and antivirus apps you need to stay protected.

Method 1: Text-Based Folder Lock

Add as many folders to the program as you want for quick hiding. Hide or Show individual folders or all folders at once. Prevents all file access, even from the command prompt Folders are removed from Windows Explorer entirely. Files in folders cannot be accessed, even from shortcuts or recent document lists. Folders cannot be hacked by re-installing Windows, booting in Safe Mode, or booting from another computer.

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This guide shows you an easy way to password protect folder on windows 7. In simple words, you can’t password protect folders with. All below mentioned free tools support Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Easy File Locker is a light-weight and easy-to-use file lock software product for Windows. It can protect your private files and folders. With its great protection.

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