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A red cross appears next to my torrent currently being downloaded in BitComet. What is it? Icons next to my task This red cross basically means that BitComet cannot continue downloading this torrent into your download directory because any of the following reasons: You are trying to download a file over 4G to a FAT32 disk drive. There is insufficient space on the drive where your Download Directory resides, to save the file s you are trying to download.
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A red cross appears next to my torrent currently being downloaded in BitComet. What is it? Icons next to my task This red cross basically means that BitComet cannot continue downloading this torrent into your download directory because any of the following reasons: You are trying to download a file over 4G to a FAT32 disk drive. There is insufficient space on the drive where your Download Directory resides, to save the file s you are trying to download.

If the client which shared this torrent has disconnected, and no other sharer has this torrent. BitComet can’t find the download path e. The path to the torrent task’s file s contains illegal characters i. You have two or more torrent tasks running, which are trying to write in the same directory a file with the same filename. BitComet can’t write to the download folder e. The Download Directory for your BitComet client may be corrupt or your hard disk has suffered a hardware failure resulting in bad sectors which cause write-check to fail.

Read about Torrent Exchange. Switch to Torrent History Torrent Archive in v. If you find it, delete the task from the tasklist without deleting the files, too. Double click the torrent and re-add the task into the tasklist. If you don’t find it in the Torrent History Torrent Archive in v. Add it into BitComet and make sure that you select the same folder where your unfinished files are; you’ll get a prompt warning you that there are already some unfinished files in there.

Confirm the choice; it will hash-check and pick up where it has left. If you use an external drive for the download folder, make sure it’s connected and that it’s got assigned the same drive letter. Make sure that Windows recognizes and assigns a drive letter to the hard drive partition where the download folder resides. Make sure the partition was not hidden by some other application.

If it was a mounted partition make sure it is still mounted. If it was a mapped network drive make sure the mapping is permanent. Stop the running tasks and change the download directory for any of the tasks, to another folder. Make sure BitComet has writing permissions on the download folder. If you don’t know which one is that, you can use a tool like Unlocker or Process Explorer to find out the locking process and close the handle for that file or kill the locking process.

Change download directory to another folder, run a file system check and make sure your hardware works fine. This is not an exhaustive list of all the causes which might raise this error but of the most frequent. As a thumb rule, this error is related to disk writes mostly, so anything that prevented BitComet from writing to disk would bring up this error. I have a yellow status light, and my download speeds are slow. What should I do? What’s up? That means you can initiate and establish connections to other peers but others cannot establish connections to your client well they can initiate them, but they won’t reach you.

Adding BitComet to your software firewall permits BitComet to send outgoing traffic and replies to it through the firewall to the Internet. That’s necessary but it’s only half of the job. That’s what we’re concerned with now. Having a firewall is a good thing since it protects you from the whole plethora of dangers lurking in the dark corners of the world-wide network.

In fact you should never connect to the Internet without a working firewall; you’ll most likely get infected in a matter of minutes. But in order to make BitComet work or any BitTorrent client for that matter you’ll need to make some adjustments. If you’re reading this topic, I’m going to assume that you don’t know very much about networking so let’s get our hands dirty.

First of all you have to determine what is blocking your incoming connections. In order to do that, first answer yourself this question: If you don’t know the answer to that question then do this: Alternatively, you can press: The goal of these guides is to help you open the listening port of BitComet for incoming connections. When you succeed in doing that you will get rid of the yellow status light and your client will be able to run at maximum speed. That is, assuming your client is properly configured as described in the BitComet settings guide.

What is DHT? How come I have “DHT not connected”? Reboot PC if possible. Refer to solution 2 if solution 1 doesn’t work. Solution 2 A: If you use a router, follow the steps below. If you do not use a router, proceed to B.

Open your Router Webpage e. Continue on to B if you use a Firewall in addition to your Router. Locate BitComet. Add it into your firewall’s exception rules. Also, if your firewall also controls the ‘ports’ used by a program, locate UDP type. Add in exactly the same port used as in your listening port. Once again, this should also be the same as your TCP Port. Make sure your firewall rule updates for use with new versions when you update BitComet.

Better firewalls such as McAfee do this automatically. For Windows Firewall only users: If after all of this, and your issue still remains we suggest you upgrade to the last BitComet version. What can I do about that? Obviously, the best solution is to change your ISP as soon as possible! Because simply, there are a lot of other ISPs in the market who care only about the money. Alternatively, if you’re stuck on a contract with your ISP or do not wish to switch, try out our encryption technology: You can enable this encryption protocol within Bitcomet by following these steps: Open BitComet ensure that its not an old version like 0.

It should look like this: How do I resume a previous download file from another client? Before getting into the actual methods of importing a download you need to acknowledge a fact first. Many BitTorrent clients have an option enabled by default in many of them to add an extension specific to that particular client to all unfinished files.

BitComet adds the. Starting with version 1. If you intend to import any downloads from these clients, which use their specific file extension, then use Method 2 from below. However, if your files have appended a different extension which is belonging to another unsupported client, then you will have to remove the appended extensions first, before importing the downloads into BitComet.

This operation is not necessary anymore for v. So, if you use v. If you’re using a version prior to v. If your torrent contains only files you can easily do that manually. But if your torrent contains dozens or hundreds of files, then doing this manually would quickly become a REALLY tedious task and it would drive anyone insane.

In order to avoid that you can download one of the many free utilities which allow you to change extensions for multiple files such as Extension Renamer , Extension Changer , RenameIt , Renamer or use an Internet search to find a lot others or use a batch script such as the one you can find here. Once you got rid of the appended extensions or if your unfinished downloads didn’t have any extensions appended i.

Method 1: You will need the exact same. If you’re one of those tidy persons who save all their torrents to some folder before opening them in their client then you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the file. If you were a little lazier but still have the previous client installed, you may still be in luck.

Look into the folder where your other client stores the. Especially, if your task is still present in your other client, you should definitely be able to find the. If you’re unlucky enough to have lost the. But make sure you download the exact same torrent i. Double-click the. BitComet will start downloading from where the previous client left off.

Method 2: Starting with v. You can read detailed instructions on how to do that, here:

BitComet Client Issues and Possible Solutions

How do I migrate torrents from another client to this one? Last Updated: Jan 25, Some of these files you just want to seed, others have not finished downloading yet. While there is no automated way to do this, the procedure is not as daunting as you might expect. Share ratio with trackers however will not be affected.

VIDEO: bitcomet_client_issues_and_possible_solutions [BitComet Wiki]

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