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Part 3. Final Cut Pro is Apple’s video editing software that you can install on your Mac and use it to editing your videos easily. Here are the steps of downloading and install Final Cut Pro on your Mac. Step 1. The version available now is Final Cut Pro X.
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Final Cut Pro X Mac

Final Cut Pro X: Once you have the program downloaded and installed, open it for the first time. Importing Media Before you can edit anything, you need to get your raw video files into Final Cut Pro. The example below covers the case of digital video files that have already been transferred to a local hard drive. If you want to follow along with the same media files, download them from Ripple Training.

This will open the import window. Here, we can trim clips, change clip order, apply effects — nearly everything you do in FCP happens in the Timeline.

The easiest way to bring video files into the timeline is to drag and drop. Start by dragging all the clips in your media library down into the timeline. Once they are all there, press the Spacebar to play back the sequence. Does the clip start before the mic was recording, or with undesirable handling noise?

Which part of the clip is the most important to portray your narrative? Everything has a narrative, even tutorial projects. Press T to bring up the trimming tool. Your cursor will change to reflect the tool selection. Drag your cursor down to a space between two clips. Once you see the trimming tool, click and drag the end of the clip towards the middle of the clip. This will shorten the clip in the timeline and play less of the footage. You can do the same thing at the beginning of the clip as the end of the clip.

Audio Audio clips are added to the timeline and edited just like video clips. Drag the audio file into the timeline to place it. You may notice the audio track is shorter than your clips. If so, you can try cutting with the audio. For extra credit, you could try to create a seamless extension of the existing track. Transitions If you want to transition between clips, open the transitions library in the lower right.

Best Final Cut Pro Alternative for Video Editing Beginners – Filmora Video Editor

Download It’s hard to say which is the best video editor of them all because we’re talking about complex tools at a professional level, in which each user ends up specializing in certain ones and their yield depends directly on the control of each user. But when it comes to choosing the three or four best video editors for computers, we’re sure that there’s a name that will appear on all the lists: Final Cut Pro X. Developed by Apple, and only available for Mac, it’s one of the most powerful and versatile video editing programs on the market. A reference for professional video editors Its users appreciate this software due to its speed when it comes to editing and mounting videos, its wide range of tools, the quality of the final result, and the fact that it’s compatible with third-party plug-ins. All these qualities have been boosted by a complete redesign that has optimized the organization of contents on the interface and improved the program’s global performance.

VIDEO: How to Get Started in Final Cut Pro – Make Tech Easier

Final Cut Pro X latest version: The all new Final Cut Pro for Mac. Final Cut Pro has been Apple’s flagship video editing program for many years Trial version. Some features in the trial version of Final Cut Pro aren’t available if your Mac uses macOS Mojave. 8/10 (39 votes) – Download Final Cut Pro X Mac Free. You can check it out for yourself by downloading the trial version that you can use 30 days for free, with.

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