A Close Look at VSDC: Free Video Editing Software for Windows 7

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Home Pc Software Wondershare Filmora 8. This software comes loaded with a collection of video effects, transitions, graphic elements and titles in it. Actually this software is the successor of the Wondershare Video Editor.
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Wondershare Filmora 8.7 with Effects Pack Free Download

Free Video Editing Software for Windows 7 Are you looking for a free video editing software for your Windows 7 PC and struggling to find the one that does the job as expected? You can choose between the bit and the bit versions for maximum compatibility Here is what you get when you download the software VSDC is not just a video editor.

You get a multipurpose media suite that will come in handy for quite a few tasks besides video editing. See it for yourself: VSDC includes a slideshow creator, screen capture and video capture tools, a built-in video converter, and a voice recorder. VSDC system requirements: RAM Mb for the program Minimum 50Mb of free disk space Full format compatibility This is another topic often causing unnecessary headaches.

Frankly, formats should be the last thing for you to worry about, but here is what happens and why. Different recording devices produce different video formats and codecs on the output. Some video editors have troubles opening some of those formats. And because MP4 is quite a common video format, many users had to deal with conversion before they could open a video for editing.

So, in case you were wondering… VSDC developers addressed this issue by implementing a built-in converter so that their video editor opens all the popular formats regardless of what device was used to record the footage. VSDC recognizes and works flawlessly with videos shot on smartphones, professional cameras, action cameras, drones — what have you.

On top of that, you can edit 4K videos as well! The upper ribbon-style menu pretty much includes everything you need to start. The feature-set can be broken down into the following sections: Actual editing: Merging video fragments: Visual adjustment: Video effects: Speed adjustment: Audio effects: Working with text: When it comes to video creation process, VSDC suggests two ways: This is a good choice when you just need to have multiple images or videos combined into a quick clip.

Nothing fancy and only several minutes worth of your time. In a nutshell, you can upload several images and videos in bulk and then merge them using smooth transitions and effects. Wizard menu enables you to cut, crop, and rotate pictures, set up duration, and apply Instagram-like filters. These filters are actually quite convenient if you want all the files to appear in the same style and color theme.

This is, however, just the top of an iceberg when it comes to what this free video editing software for Windows 7 is capable of. Keep reading to learn about the advanced effects available in VSDC. Non-linear video editing What you just saw in the previous part of the post about VSDC Wizard, is called linear video editing.

That means you can only place media files in a direct — or linear — sequence. One media file after another. But the real value of VSDC is the ability to work as a non-linear tool. That means media files may appear in any sequence you want. Not necessarily one after another — but simultaneously too. For instance, an image can appear in the corner on top of another video being played — like those photos and graphics we see in the corner of a TV screen when watching the news.

Another example, you can divide a screen into several parts, place different videos in each section, and make them all play at the same time. Just like in popular music clips on MTV! Such as a ghost effect or a breathtaking double exposure effect.

You got the idea. Technical possibilities here are almost endless. And given that non-linear video editing software is what professional cinematographers use, you can literally replicate real movie effects using this tool. Color correction in VSDC Even if your video has been recorded on a professional camera, there may be few flaws caused by the lightning.

Especially if you were shooting outdoors! In VSDC, you can fix practically anything when it comes to the visual adjustments. So, if the pre-installed styles the upper menu on the top are not sufficient for your needs, you can adjust Contrast, Color, Gamma, Saturation, and other parameters independently to achieve the required results.

You know, those shots coming out looking too light or too dark that you probably considered failures. Add beautiful titles, time counter, and other objects Apart from numerous visual enhancement, VSDC boasts tons of really useful functionality.

The latter is especially applicable if your goal is to show progress over time, for example when you create a timelapse or a slow motion video. So, you have all the freedom of making text objects look exactly the way you want them to by choosing the font, the size, color, alignment, and everything else. You can even create a contoured text, change the border thickness and the opacity level to make it naturally blend with the image.

How cool is that? Finally, you might be wondering what the graphic figures may be used for in a video. Here is an idea. This effect has been achieved by means of adding two rectangles to the scene. You have a wide selection of media devices to export a clip for — like PC, DVD, or Apple devices — and you also have pre-configured profiles to upload it to social media: There is actually a direct YouTube uploader too, so you can publish videos on your channel directly from the VSDC interface.

If you have specific requirements for the video quality, width, resolution, or framerate, you can customize that too by manually editing the export profile. Heads up: VSDC allows you to export videos for free. Looking for a free video editing software for Windows 7? Watermarks, export format limitations, feature restrictions, embedded ad banners, and other unpleasant surprises have undermined confidence in zero-cost tools.

Unlike many other programs, VSDC is truly free. And given that it provides a stable powerful solution for video editing with literally hundreds of how-to guides available on YouTube, you should definitely give it a try. For any questions or recommendations, do not hesitate to drop a line to This email address is being protected from spambots.

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Video editing was not a piece of cake just a few years ago and only the qualified professionals were editing videos. Now after technology has taken a giant leap this aspect has also been made very simple and now a days even a novice trying his hands for the 1st time on video editing can come up with results which only professionals would have dreamt of a decade ago. There are loads of video editing application available and each one of them has got some imposing features and Wondershare Filmora 8 Complete Effect Packs is one of them. Wondershare Filmora 8. The design is fresh, modern and is a joy to use. If you recognize the framework and setup of Filmora it is because it is from the developers who brought you Wondershare Video Editor.

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Wondershare Filmora 8 Bit free download. Wondershare Filmora 8. Wondershare Filmora full effects package. Video Editing Simplified. Official: soft.isp.regruhosting.ru. Version: Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.. Operating System: Windows 10/8/ License: Free Trial. Filmora is an easy and powerful video editing tool to edit & personalize videos with Download bit: Wondershare Filmora | MB.

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