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Free inventory starter solution now available! Make your life easy! Serial Numbers Created Some products – either purchased or manufactured – may require a serial number.

The purpose of a serial number is to track a unique instance of a product. You buy phones in bulk and distribute them to your team. You carry both iPhones and Android phones. You also purchase phone cases for those phones. One way to model this data need is to have a serial table: This indicates that a serial number is not required for all items.

Technically, it means that an item must have at least 0 serial numbers. The first mockup shows a list of items: Clicking the left caret navigates the user to the detail view: Notice that the item record for the iPhone has related Serial Numbers. There is also a button to add more serial numbers. Ideally, you would want to have some kind of automated process to enter serial numbers rather than manually enter them.

In our example, we only have 10 iPhones, but if you have 1, iPhones, then manually entering that data will take time. More on that below. Moreover, the button is disabled. Starting with FileMaker Pro 13 we have the ability to hide objects, so this button could easily be hidden instead of disabled. You may not need a user interface layout for the serial number table, but if we look at that table in a list view, it might look like this: Selecting Serials Now that we have a general idea of how to set up serial numbers, we need to turn our attention to how serials are selected upon a sale.

That is, when a customer purchases one or more phones, the serial numbers for those phones need to be specified or selected. Assigning the serial number during the sales order process would also show up on the Pick layout either a pick sheet if you use paper or a pick layout if you use a mobile device. This lets the picker what know the specific phones to pick.

A second possibility is to let the picker select the serial numbers. If the picking process is digital, then the picker can scan in the serial number at the time of picking. Conveying Serials Once the serials are selected, the serials need to be conveyed to the customer.

As previously mentioned, if you send a Sales Order Confirmation to your customer, you can send the serials as part of that document. Another option is to include the serials in the Packing or the Shipping document. And finally, you could include the serials in the Invoice. Regardless of which method you use Packing, Shipping, or Invoice document there are a number of places to include the serials on the document.

For example, you could include the serials in the description: This saves space, which can be helpful on a PDF or Word document that mimics an 8. Obviously, this only works if the serials are sequential. Otherwise, the serials will need to be listed individual, like the following example: In addition to listing the serials, example 2 has a description for the Android phone. The point here is that the line item record may have data in it in this case, the description content. To set the serials apart but in the same row, you would may want to add a carriage return before adding the serials.

For example: The point is, a script would see if there is already something in the Description field and if there is, append the serials using a new line but maintaining the same row. Another option is to list the serials in a notes section. As with the description field, you may want to put the serials above or below any other message e.

Receiving Serials When purchasing products that have a serial number, your vendor will need to provide those serials numbers to you similar to what we did in the Conveying Serials section above. The important point here is to try and incorporate the serial number data into your system without re-typing it in. Data entry is expensive. Your vendor already spent resources to get the serials into their data system. Surely, there is a way to capture that data!

Too often, I encounter people who re-type data simply because they never stop to consider that someone has already done that task. When you purchase a product that requires a serial number, ask your vendor if they will email you the serial numbers.

At least that way you can copy and paste those numbers.

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The calculation always evaluates to a text result. For example, you might want to reset the next serial value after you do one of the following: To specify a field in another file, define a relationship to that file and use Specify target field to select a field from that file. Example 1 Calculates the number of the next available invoice ID, using the Max function to return the highest value in the Invoice ID field. If an invoice ID contains non-numeric data, then the calculation would need to be more sophisticated to maintain the numeric and non-numeric data. Invoice ID; Max Invoices:: Useful if Perform auto-enter options during import is not selected in order to preserve dates and other auto-entered values.

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