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The application comes with a series of unique features and functions that will help you find information in any file format. The program lets you easily view and navigate through your search results and lets you use keyword lists in order to search various categories. FileLocator Pro allows you to perform several searches simultaneously, thanks to its tabbed interface.
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Review by Frederick Barton on 09 Oct, Finding a file on the hard drive can be quite difficult as the data piles up in time.

Fortunately, there are various ways of locating specific bits of data, especially with third party utilities. A good example is FileLocator Lite, which is capable of finding single files or multiple files in huge heaps of data. It works faster than the operating system’s basic tools and setting up a search job is quite easy. The software is free, but it comes in a paid version as well.

It is compatible with all modern Windows versions and it can be installed in no time. There is no need to install any special tools or services and you don’t need powerful hardware to run the software. Typing a file’s name in a search field and clicking a button is sufficient to start searching for the file in question.

The software can search on the entire hard drive, on individual partitions or in user-specified folders. Results are listed on the lower half of the interface, where you can also find a summary of the search process, as well as a hit counter and reports. Although its name implies it is a lighter version of another program, FileLocator Lite still has a wide range of tools, which can help you locate specific files much faster.

For example, if you are looking for text files, you can also specify contained words or phrases to narrow down the search. Additionally, you can set FileLocator Lite to look for files that were modified, created or accessed before or after certain dates. When it comes to searching for files on the hard drive, FileLocator Lite can find a needle in a hay stack for you. You can locate files on your hard drive by name, content, dates and other characteristics.

The software can locate files quite fast. All the necessary preparations can be done on the fly. There are no obvious drawbacks to mention. You can download FileLocator Lite free here. About the author: From gadgets to software. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated FileLocator Lite 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential Sponsored Links.

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Luckily, there are various trustworthy alternatives like FileLocator Lite with tons of configurable criteria and fast processing. In terms of visuals, the whole engine is wrapped around an advanced main window, with several tabs for search and related filter options, as well as a large space for detected items. Advanced criteria and shell integration Two search fields are put at your disposal, one for regular items, while the other lets you look up specific text inside documents. Criteria can be set to match regular expressions, case, or Office and PDF documents.

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Download Agent Ransack File Locator () for Windows. Agent Ransack is a file searching application that lets users find files that are often missed by. To install the StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS Locator Update from My Esri, download the available 7-zip file(s) for the documentation and new locators. Searching for files if you can’t find them on your computer is easily possible in Windows, but the built in Windows Search is not liked Download FileLocator Lite.

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