I lost my EWQL free version…anywhere to redownload it??

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I have seen some negative press over the forums due to users having issues installing this free software. Best advice I can give is to follow the EW recommendations to the letter and reboot at the end of installation or you will most likely get some errors. I got this downloaded just in time to hit the road again, so all I’ve done with this is open it up and tool around. Can anyone recommend a way, or a resource explaining how to get started doing this? I found one thing while Google searching showing that a EWQL user had created a Sibelius soundset, but I’m a little too much of a noob to even know what all that means
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UK3E-XYH5: EastWest Symphonic Choirs

East west Symphonic Orchestra freebie is great, but can’t produce any sound in Reaper. In standalone it works great.

It says: This engine level settings has exceeded your available system resources. Any ideas? I’m using Win7 32 bit and 4 GB of Ram. Thanks, I can report it is working fine here. Data Why not? It’s not installing spyware or anything. Doesn’t hurt a bit. You people are weird.

Refusing free gifts for Christmas It’s something that is given to you by pure kindness without an intention of getting anything in reward. But you can’t get their “gift” if not giving information to them, so even if you don’t have to pay money to them, you have to supply information even if it’s fake.

They want something from YOU – otherwise no “gift”. What an attitude! Where would Reaper be with such an attitude? This exectly is the thing, that calls warez-suppliers and crackers on the scene. Dunno why Smurf is refusing to get this, but I can re-enect it, if somedody does. To my taste their “In fact we only want your money!! But anyway, seems to be very interesting I can see no harm there.

That is really an awesome deal if you compare the quality you’re gonna get for that money. Data , Maybe you’re right, maybe I’m paranoid, but maybe not.

Point is, your not asked to, you must, if you want to get that what they call “gift”. If you don’t play their rules, you’re out although they make their living out of what you pay to them, so you should be the boss, not they. You should be able to decide whether you want to take part in their survey, independently from getting the library.

But you can’t. This IMO is not very confidence-building but more arrogant. I know, you’d say that the majority of people wouldn’t take part in the survey, if they could get the lib without that and you’d be right. So it’s all about efficiency – efficiency in sales politics, which is in fact just searching an answer to the question “How can I get the most money out of the customer? This is eligible, but – as I said – not confidence-building.

I – and that’s just my personal point of view – don’t feel comfortable if I’m compelled this way. But I’m surely aware that this is wishful thinking. Yes, I read that and their stuff is superior. But if you look at these off-prices, you can imagine haven’t looked it up ‘though what you have to pay for these versions on add.

Can’t afford this at the moment, so this isn’t in the pipeline anyway unless our CD gets into the charts ; sorta running gag in our band. That said, on a reasonably equiped computer a small ensemble should run fine without too much trouble. I can run a full fledged orchestra on my computers without too much trouble although it is pushing the limits of my 6 GB of RAM on my laptop and I am looking forward to RAM module prices going down so I can upgrade to 12 GB. That is a 64 bit vista ultimate laptop by the way, with a core i7 processor and three separate hard drives custom built by PC Audiolabs.

With the 64 bit computing era computers that may or may not become a thing of the past, although there are still physical limitations 12 GB for laptops being the max right now. Desktops are generally more powerful and the preferred route if you don’t need portability. Try to vary the engine level setting as well. ED – I didn’t think you can run any ewi instruments on Kontakt 4, my understanding is that it is a proprietary format which only works with Play.

They are on the cutting edge of developing virtual instruments used by professional film, TV and video game composers but also hobbyists. They are keenly interested in knowing where their ‘core’ customer base is and in fact have asked everyone to fill out the survey, including people that already have the SO such as myself I have the Platinum Plus edition so I don’t need this demo. There may be a quid or pro here, but those are the rules Thanks Peter, As I said: Their stuff is superior.

You surely don’t need to convince me in that matter. Otherwise we’re just following sheep. Sadly, companies, that make superior products or products that are thought to be superior or mass products that are bought by many people, tend to be somewhat arrogant. I wouldn’t say that your thread is in the wrong forum, because as you see: Dimitar and others are having some issues in getting this thingy going in Reaper. I didn’t. I ran the same 11V Lyr A patch in. The only thing that took my attention was the pristine quality of convolution reverb.

Not just yet. After they take care of resource hogging in RAM department, then maybe I would. But, until then I’m happy with my Kontakt-based sample libraries. This is why I’ve been very hesitant about buying any EW libraries.

I’ve heard so many people say that PLAY is not superior to the Kompakt version, at least not significantly enough to warrant the huge increase in resource usage. EW may talk about complex features requiring powerful computers all they want but as far as I can tell, based on user opinions, PLAY is nothing more than the Vista of sample players.

As it stands, I’m not going to chance it. I still have the kontakt powered libraries as well platinum pro xp and also symphonic choirs – as a backup just in case something weird happens to Play or the way Play works with my other software. I know other EW users cling to the kompakt libraries as well, eg if they have elaborate templates created for kontakt that they have been using for a long time. I haven’t yet had to go back to it though. On a going forward basis, Play is EW’s future, and they dedicate a significant part of their resources to perfecting it and making it compatible with as many different sequencing and software programs as possible including notation software such as Sibelius, with the help of users and third parties.

I can see that I will need to simplify parts and render FX to new take though – it is a resource hog for smaller units, but VERY doable. It is however an enormous RAM hog. K4 standalone idle: However CPU use is ok with both. Changing engine DFD levels doesn’t change much. Installed, but I can’t seem to locate it. Do you know where the default dll would be loaded? EvilDragon You decide where will the. I installed the msi file, must have missed that screen although I was looking for it I’m wondering if its possible to install 32 bit symphony orch on a 64 bit windows 7 os, because I can’t get it to work.

If anyone has successfully installed the 32 bit on windows 7 64 this way I can use it with Reaper x86 let me know? If its possible I’ll try a couple more things. You don’t need to do a reinstall. When I installed it, the default location for the dll was C: Pete musicroom , Pete Thank you for this post – all is well now.

It loads and plays well within Reaper. If you haven’t grabbed it up yet, you should seriously consider it before the offer goes away. G , I just downloaded it but I can’t manage to install it, I have this error I use Windows 7, 64 bits Any ideas about the problem?

Thank you Anaon , It works fine as a stand alone by the way. With an E , I installed the 32 bit version on my laptop and copied the 32bit vst called Play to my Reaper 32 bit plugin folder – works fine.

Never thought I’d get anything like excited about marimba samples I don’t really know what to do

PLAY Software

East west Symphonic Orchestra freebie is great, but can’t produce any sound in Reaper. In standalone it works great. It says: This engine level settings has exceeded your available system resources.

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QL Stormdrum 2, PRO XP and EWQLSO Free Sound Sets Available sets are finished and available as a free download from EastWest here. EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Free Play Edition – not copy protected or time After downloading each of the EWQLSO soft.isp.regruhosting.ru files, you will. Update Download and run the installer for your operating system. Mac Windows EWQLSO Free Edition Sibelius Sound Set v From user Jonathan .

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