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After much research I chose to purchase a third party Skype certified plugin named Evaer since this can capture system sound through my soundcard. I can not tell you exactly how many animations get the sound levels terribly incorrect, making an interview almost unlistenable. Audio Recording Quality Is the quality of the output by Evaer.
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Evaer for Skype Review – Problems & Solutions

Part 3: Top 5 better than Evaer Skype video recorder Alternatives Part 1: How exactly is the Evaer Skype video recorder? Evaer Skype recorder Capture original Skype video and audio data to record with high quality.

It supports Skype screen sharing sessions and up to 10 way Skype group video calls, recording single Skype video calls. Evaer Skype recorder Records Skype video calls directly to your hard disk with picture-in-picture, side-by-side, separate files, audio-only, local-webcam-only and remote-webcam-only mode.

It is available with the function of Changeable recording video codec, video resolution supports p, p, p, p, and p , aspect ratio 4: Evaer has Self-adaptive selection of video resolution and aspect ratio. Evaer Saves Skype video message and Skype voicemail directly to your hard disk.

Software is awesome and some new features has added to the software that makes it awesome. Regular updates are being provided and it is awesome and the quality of recording is really awesome. The software is exceptionally great as it does exactly claimed by developers. Three bad reviews of the software 1. The recording function do not work properly and playback it too bad. The trial version only records for 5 minutes and it is not informed of software description on the official webpage of the software.

Cannot get normal audio data! Users may encounter this issue because Evaer video call recorder is not allowed to access Skype due to a previous wrong answer to the access control question from Skype. To check and fix this, please follow these steps: Click on “Advanced”. At the bottom of the page click on “Manage other programs’ access to Skype”. A window will show an entry called “evaer. Click on evaer. Now Select the Evaer and it will allow evaer. How to resolve the video and audio out of sync issue?

Initially, please make sure your Evaer version is updated. Then restart Evaer and Skype to record new call to have a try. Top 5 better than Evaer Skype video recorder Alternatives 1. It is the best available Skype recorder on online market.

There is an in-build converter and player with the Skype recorder so you do not need to install converter and player separately. You can directly convert your video and then download to your system or you can download and convert your file in desired format. This is the fastest and easiest Skype recorder and converter available in market. The user interface is very simple and handy to use.

Key Features It allows user to record screen and record Skype videos and calls. It allows user to convert their favorite video from one format to another. It allows user to download video with different resolution and high quality Batch download allows user to record videos from all online streaming sites and live TV shows.

Pamela Call Recorder It is one of the powerful and fully automatically free Skype call recorder available. With Pamela Call Recorder you can start or stop recording, play emotion Sounds during a call, take Notes and much more. The Skype Plugin allows you to automatically reply to incoming chat message when you are away from the computer.

Key Features Allows users to pause the recordings Allows to automatically reply incoming chat messages It can take note. User interface is quite handy and is not that much complicated Very easy to use Recording quality is not good After updating software it loose the ability to record Link: MP3 Skype Recorder MP3 Skype Recorder is a free Skype call recording tool that allows you to record P2P call from computer to the computer as well as calls to or from landlines and mobiles.

You can easily start and end recordings when you are making or answering a call with it. Net Framework 2. It supports both automatic and manual recording Cons Link: It Works on Windows 8 8.

It works with Skype and record high-quality of Skype conversations. AthTek Skype Recorder can be competent for private Skype calls recording, business call center, Skype interview and parental control. If you are looking for a quality Skype Recorder, we highly recommend taking a look at this one, and you will find it absolutely worth to have.

The free trial version allows you to record Skype chats for minutes randomly for full features you need to purchase. Key Features For parental control purposes it has hidden mode It records high quality audio and video on both side automatically It is with advanced FTP uploader for power users Pros If once it is introduced on a system or business center it will record all future calls Hidden mode for parental control purpose Con Link: VqNd1NJ95dg 5.

CallGraph CallGraph features itself as a call recording plugin for Skype and is one of the first tools that came up with such a service. It stores all files in your computer and offers an optional browser interface to upload files and get them transcripted.

Though, you can also organize and manage them using the folder settings for the tool. Key features Its free for personal and business use It Run at startup of your window It allows user to record automatically or manually Pros.

Part 2: top 3 user problems about the Evaer Skype video recorder

Evaer video call recorder for Skype is free for trial. Buy the following license you can remove the recording limitation. The license price USD Click the “Buy Now” button to get registered in few minutes. Evaer video recorder for Skype License Price: The whole registering process is done automatically, which enables you to get registered immediately after purchasing a license.

VIDEO: Purchase Evaer – Get 30% Off Now! | Record Skype Video and Audio Calls with Evaer video recorder

Evaer Skype recorder directly gets the raw Skype audio and video data for recording, and even if zooming in and out of the Skype window. Free Download Evaer Video Recorder for Skype Full Version – Record Skype video and audio calls into MP4 & AVI movie files. In this article we are going to tell you some things about evaer skype video recorder, and give you some suggestions about evaer skype video.

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