How to remove Driver Update (Virus Removal Guide)

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Click the Reset button. Step 5 In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings window that appears, optionally select the Delete personal settings check box and then click the Reset button. When selecting the Delete personal settings check box, all of your personal information, such as browsing history, bookmarks, and remembered passwords will be deleted. However, if your IE browser is severely infected by more adware than just DriverUpdate – Slimware Util, and you want to completely reset it, keep this check box selected.
driverupdate is it safe

Is driver update by slimware safe.

Shares Our Verdict DriverUpdate’s scan performs passably well, but the program doesn’t offer the malware safeguards you can expect from much of its competition. For DriverUpdate found most of the critical drivers we were missing on our test machine. Against Its installer comes bundled with unnecessary software that purports to be helpful, but is more of a nuisance and verges on malware.

View Deal Editor’s Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Driver Update Software here. Driver updaters have the power to install programs that interact with your computer at a system level. This makes security a sizable concern — if you don’t use a trustworthy driver finder, you risk malware finding its way onto your computer.

The aptly named DriverUpdate managed to find a decent number of outdated drivers in our test scans, but we don’t trust it enough to install it on our home computers. Not only does its installer bundle unwanted software, but its developer doesn’t reveal the sources for the drivers it provides. During our extensive testing of every driver checker on the market, we ran DriverUpdate on a computer with 36 known outdated drivers.

Of those 36, the DriverUpdate found just It managed to spot needed updates for the PC’s video card, Ethernet controller and motherboard drivers, but it missed many others, including the audio controller and every single peripheral device that was or had previously been connected to the system.

The best driver software will find the widest range of important drivers on a computer; with an identification rate of just over 50 percent, DriverUpdate is a lackluster performer at best. While its scan was average, DriverUpdate offers a solid feature set.

Along with the free scan that all the best driver updaters provide, it sports one-click downloads and installation. Its scheduler lets you set periodic, automatic system scans for new driver updates, while its backup tool should be used every time you download an update, lest something go wrong during installation and you need to roll back your setup. The deciding factor that swayed us away from DriverUpdate was its poor stance on security.

The program’s developer, SlimWare, doesn’t guarantee original equipment manufacturer sources for all its files. Drivers made by the OEMs are never infested with malware, so they can be safely installed. Some third-party developers, however, will make drivers and package them with unwanted extras. The best driver update software only uses OEM drivers, but without such a guarantee, there’s no way to know whether DriverUpdate’s recommendations are safe.

The bundled software DriverUpdate includes in its installer compounded our security concerns. Not only is the SlimWare download page plagued by pop-up advertisements, but when you install the program, it will try to install a series of AVG browser add-ons.

AVG is a popular anti-virus provider, but its add-ons are unnecessary, annoying and can be difficult to remove. DriverUpdate is an adequate, if unimpressive, entry in the driver finder market. Its scan will find most of the critical drivers on your computer, and most of the tools you’d want at your disposal are present.

The lack of guaranteed OEM-made drivers, however, is a cause of concern, while the inclusion of bundled software in the installer makes DriverUpdate an overall disappointment. Sign Up for e-mail newsletters Get the best reviews, product advice, news and more! No spam, we promise. You can unsubscribe at any time and we’ll never share your details without your permission. Latest Driver Update Software Reviews.

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January 02, , I’ll explain below I purchased Windows 7 Driver update software. This is made by Slimware. It is advertised all over the internet and it seemed legitimate.

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DriverUpdate is a program developed by SlimWare Utilities. The most used If you have not purposefully installed this, you should be safe uninstalling it. I received notification by a supposed microsoft partner that my drivers were out of date. In the fine print it mentioned $29 fee. I did not believe. DriverUpdate, free and safe download. DriverUpdate latest version: Automize updates to your drivers. DriverUpdate is an application that will scan your device .

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