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Download If you’re one of those guys that wake up every morning wanting to be someone else, with a different life, a different job, a different car, different friends, a different personality and even a different couple, apart from confirming that you to think about a few things in your life, we offer you to relieve your situation, even if it’s only for a couple of hours a day. We’re obviously talking about The Sims franchise and specifically the fourth installment of the series, The Sims 4 Create a Sime, in which you can live a new virtual life far beyond reality and in which you can be a totally different person. Live a new life in front of your PC. This new edition comes along with loads of technological advances regarding previous versions, especially in terms of the artificial intelligence of the characters.
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The Sims 4

It is Sims 4 Android and iOS compatible version that runs smoothly on your device. The Sims 4 is a life simulation game created by EA and it is the latest part of the famous series. In the game you create a so called Sim, which is a virtual character. You control it’s life choices, it’s acommodations and practically everything about the Sim. You can change your Sim’s personality and play out different scenarios. In The Sims 4 there is a new feature of multitasking of the sim, i.

Also, Sim’s current mood can affect how it performs such tasks. It will play out differently depending whether the Sim feels angry or excited. There is also a line of challenges in the game as well. For example you can take on a Legacy challenge and keep the family line going for 10 generations straight! The Sims 4 is the new version after over 20 different expansion packs that were added to the 3rd part of the series.

The game runs on a new engine that allows a lot more emotions to come into play. The new creator interface is absolutely brilliant. It is beautifully elegant and there is no more layered menu anywhere. You can now polish all the shapes, clothes, sizes and even body tattoos of your sim.

You can set different walking animations, general moods or you can choose an already created Sim from the gallery of users. The game now focuses more on emotions rather than anything else which allows you to take care of you character’s feelings.

For instance, if your Sim does something embarassing, it will affect it’s interactions with other Sims! The skills have been updated as well. You can level your cooking skill to become a master chef in a famous restaurant. Even playing games on the Sim’s computer can lead it to increase it’s gaming skill. Whether the Sim succeeds in each skill scenario may leave them happy or sad and affect it’s choices and interactions. You can even level skills while doing other things, such as watching TV but while training your muscles to become fit!

Your sim can even write a book and talk to other people which increases it’s social skill and writing skill simultanously. It utilizes a special emulation script that makes it run smoothly and lag free. The files download after the installation of the game so you can enjoy the first elements of gameplay right after you download just a little over 20MB and install it. The files load dynamically so there’s no risk of not having enough free space on your SD card or internal memory. The files are compressed without losing it’s sharpness which allows you to play a PC game on your phone or tablet.

What is also amazing about this release is that it allows downloading all the expansion packs and stuff packs. A full version of The Sims 4 mobile is right here and it’s ready to download for both Android and iOS devices. The installation takes just 30 seconds and it’s worth it, trust us!

The installation process is very simple and even my grandma could do it! Stop wasting time on other game emulators that will clearly not work – this version is the one you need to play the full version of The Sims 4 Android and iPhone. Experience the full experience of the best life simulator ever created, create your family, interact with neighbours, even remove the ladder from the pool if you want to hint, hint!

All you have to do is try this mobile version today and you will be amazed by how good it looks and how smoothly it runs.

How to Download The Sims 4 Android Click the Download Sims 4 APK or Download Sims 4 IPA button If you have the file on your computer, just move it to your mobile device Run the file on your mobile and install the game On Android devices you might be prompted to allow Unknown sources – do it, it’s normal for anything outside the Play store The installation might take up to 1 minute if your device is less than 1 GB RAM When the game finishes the installation process, just run the game from your app list Enjoy the gameplay while the game downloads all the necessary files!

Watch The Sims 4 Mobile version

Since its initial release in , the Sims 4 has broken sales records and delighted Sims fans old and new with its advanced features. As one of the fastest Sims games to date even on lower-end computers, the Sims 4 gives you hours of game play with endless possibilities for fun. The Sims 4 allows players to create simulated characters with unique personalities and build homes for them to live in. The Sims themselves are smarter than ever before, with emotions that change based on their environment and activities. Multitasking allows Sims to do several things at once, such as enjoying a meal while watching TV and carrying on a conversation.

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Free download The Sims 4 APK + Data + Obb full file latest version v for Android. Celebrate the holidays with a gorgeous farmhouse, an adorable pet pug, and more! From the creators of The Sims™ series of best-selling simulation games. The developer develops sims game for specially android phone and this is very interesting arcade and simulation game where you never play.

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