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Download APK File If you want to know what it offers before you decide to install this app, you should know the main features. First is Free Messaging Service.
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TextNow (MOD, Premium)

Download APK File If you want to know what it offers before you decide to install this app, you should know the main features. First is Free Messaging Service. Even though the function of messaging service has been placed by messaging apps, the usual one is not dead yet. Many people still use such facility to communicate with each other.

Yet, you cannot deny that messaging service is not consuming your phone credit. Sending message without any credit at all is quite possible to do. Only by being in the Wi-Fi hotspot, you can send any message to pretty much anyone anywhere. If you want to have such full experience of sending messages without any billing, you can register for monthly service that can be bought at competitive price. That way, you do not have to tighten up your budget to compensate the cost of messaging service.

The second one is Free Phone Call. Just like the previous feature, it offers free phone call service to anyone who is tired of the common phone service. Compared to other services offered by cellular provider, phone call is the most avoided service by all users due to extensive cost you need to pay.

Such expensive cost can be quite bothersome to anyone who needs to have an emergency phone call with limited credit. In that case, you can still have such urgent phone call by TextNow without having to pay for the service with phone credit. Simply said, there are several pros and cons to the app. Just check the list below. Free phone call and messaging service are the main features. This app offers the affordable package.

It only gives low quality phone call. How to Use the App Using the features of this app only requires simple method which does not cost you anything at all. All you have to do is just installing the app through any official online store and pick the package you want to have.

These packages come in various selections, depending on what facilities you want to have at smartphone. After picking the right package, your app will be ready to provide you with phone call and messaging service without any burdening cost you have to pay for.

ChangeLog Fixed an issue where the camera view would be blank on some devices with multiple cameras. Fixed a bug that could crash the app when selecting a phone number.

Various performance improvements.


Minimum Software Requirement: Android 2. Once you click accept, the app will download. Once it downloads and you open the app, you are asked to either use a Google account on an Android or get a free phone number.

VIDEO: Get TextNow – Unlimited Texts + Calls – Microsoft Store

TextNOW is one of many free text apps available for the ipad, iphone and android devices but it does have a number of features that make it stand out from the. TextNow gives you completely free and unlimited texting directly from your computer. This app helps you stay instantly connected to your. TextNow is a company which provides texting and calling plans for smartphone users. A free application is provided and customers can choose from a variety of .

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