5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Download JW Player Videos 2019

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Preview videos before download Have an intuitive interface and easy to use Cons: Play an embedded JW Player video on the Firefox browser. Start to download video from JW Player on Firefox. Isn’t that superfluous?
download jw player videos

JW Player for WordPress

Release Date: More skins available for JWP7. Premium Adding custom skins and color customization for JWP7. Premium Full skin colors customization for JWP8. Bug Fix: PHP Notices. JW Player 8 ready. New shortcode jwp-video. Wrong position question mark in plugin box 1. Better tabs navigation.

Premium New option tab for subtitles style customization. Premium Possibility to activate subtitles by default. Add custom measures to every single player with the new shortcode options.

Enhancement Premium: Load different subtitles files vtt, srt, dfxp that can be chosen from the CC selection menu. Add different sources with label and let the user toggles the desired video quality.

Now you can let the user download your video only by adding a flag. Now you can mute your videos during playback. Configures if the player should loop the content. Autostart, Mute and Repeat options are now available for playlists too by using the new shortcode options. Next up tooltip and more elements are now localized. Special chars in video title and description. YouTube video thumbnail check returned always true. Now is possible use the post thumbnail as video poster image.

YouTube videos now get thumbnails automatically. Premium Removed the limit of six chapters and subtitles, you can add as many elements as you need. Premium Now you can add Preview Thumbnails of your video, visible on mouseover on the timeline.

When the file extension is missing or not recognized, now you can force a media type with a simple tool Enhancement: The plugin is now Google Analytics ready Enhancement: Use the [jw7-video] shortcode into the text widget Enhancement: Choose where the logo has to be visualized into the player Enhancement: Now you can add subtitles to your videos 1. Now is possible to add a playlist using a shortcode.

Added the possibility to indicate a second video URL for mobile devices. January 03, Bug Fix: Missed database update Bug Fix: Missed chapters update 1. January 01, Enhancement Premium: Added Autostart on page load option. Updated the shortcode functionality that gives the ability to call the single video by number Bug Fix: Blank line in the header, generated by getting player key and library script. YouTube preview image now fill the player dimensions. Problem on showing more than one video in archive pages.

October 12, Enhancement: Added Custom Player Position option with shortcode Enhancement: Added the possibility to add a playlist using a feed.


Release Date: More skins available for JWP7. Premium Adding custom skins and color customization for JWP7. Premium Full skin colors customization for JWP8.

VIDEO: 4 Simple Ways to Download JW Player Videos – Tricks N Tech

This extension lets you speed up and download captions from a JW video. Those do not allow you to speed up or slow down the videos. Unlike YouTube videos download, the ways to download JW Player videos are a bit complicated and the tools are also limited. But don’t. As a matter of fact, JW player videos can’t be downloaded at the one shot as we do for YouTube videos. In fact, many of the users think there is.

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