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A 10 track collection of nascent bass house blueprints and schematics featuring Benga and long-time vocal collaborator Angela Hunte, it summarised his previous years of experiments and drew a line in the sand. The message was clear: For fans it came as a shock.
dj crac

Bring the Bass Back (Hardtrace Mix)

A 10 track collection of nascent bass house blueprints and schematics featuring Benga and long-time vocal collaborator Angela Hunte, it summarised his previous years of experiments and drew a line in the sand. The message was clear: For fans it came as a shock. For Zinc it was fresh challenge, a blank canvas and a new wave of inspiration which led to a second Crack House volume a year later.

It was followed by a diverse slew of house-related club cuts throughout the whole of the s ranging from big vocal gems such as Feel The Love to a necksnap breakbeat razzers like Jicarilla Jam to name just two and now, as of this month, the third volume of his Crack House series. Delivered a decade after the first volume, it comprises some of his heaviest Bingo hitters from the last year and hits with the widest range of styles any Crack House compendium has ever showcased.

Zinc will never been a one-genre man. In fact his scope is getting broader. I DJ a lot, and have been doing it for years, but some shows really stand out. That was one of them for sure. Big up Marky for inviting me and the Sun And Bass crew. Oh cool, it was a stand-out one for you, too?

Does it come back like muscle memory? Do you slip back into it? That was always my plan; to play a bit of everything I love within bass music. In terms of muscle memory, I find that more with production. It comes very naturally. With house I sometimes stop and puzzle over how to get the kick and bass to work the best for the groove. To create those puzzles and challenges. Spot on. I needed something that was fresh to my ears and a challenge to keep me inspired and excited as a producer.

When I first tried it the people in the crowd would only dance to the stuff they like. Do you call the Crack House collections albums or are they just massive EPs? He said if you do an album people judge you on it differently. But this new one is different again because how much the music industry and the way we digest music has changed since the previous volumes. Neither an EP or an LP.

I can imagine Hype saying that. Hype has some very astute ways of seeing the music industry. The way he saw how things went were really sharp. He gave a lot of good advice back in the day. Do you listen back to those old ones? Can you hear that evolution yourself? It was a massive gap in the music at the time.

It was a lucky bet more than anything. Sinden, Herve, Fake Blood were also on it around that time… Switch too. He was hugely influential. I was looking for house with good basslines and every Switch record I heard went in my sets. Was it scary to take a year off like that? He felt it was too much of a risk.

I was effectively starting again and enjoyed that part of the process. I get the need to support a family. You must have been in the same situation, though? I was, and still am, supporting a family. It was a lovely quote. Two completely different meanings of bollocks but he meant it took a lot to walk away from something that had been such a big part of my life. It was quite a big deal. But I cracked on with it.

I just get up, clean my teeth, have a cup of coffee and do what I want to do. It comes back to the whole idea of keeping yourself inspired over anything else… I think so. I am constantly inspired by so many things.

I like watching how things change and habits change and how humans operate. But the most inspiring thing is being able to do what I want every day. I woke up every morning not wanting to go. What type of office job was it? From aged 16 — 24 I was just filing. In the end I was in charge of four old ladies. They were lovely and one of them would come in with doughnuts for me, but it was a complete contrast to my other life.

It was quite bizarre, but I had to do it and I worked there for years. I really appreciate what I do so much. Things often come in threes… Who knows? Never say never.

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