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Short how-to i use DirPrintOK! Print File details of files! With so much information, a print function is very useful here. Exactly for this there is the DirPrintOK, which leaves nothing to be desired;.
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How to Print a List of Files in a Windows Directory

How to Print a List of Files in a Windows Directory If you need it in a fancy spreadsheet, check out these freeware utilities Written by: Aseem Kishore , Twitter: Computer Tips Recently, I had to send a friend a list of all the files and folders in a particular directory on my computer and it took me some time to figure out the best way to go about it.

After playing around with various methods, I was able to create a nice looking Excel spreadsheet with all the data on the files and folders plus additional info like the size of files, last modified date, etc. If you need a more fancy report, then check out the freeware utilities. To get started, open Explorer and browse to the folder directory above the folder that you want to get the directory listing for.

If you want to print out the file and folder listing for C: Go ahead and select Open command window here from the menu. At the command prompt, you have to type a very simple command: If you want different information, you can add parameters to the command.

If you want to get a listing of all files and folders including subdirectories of the current directory, then you would use this command: Using the extra parameters, you can also show file attributes hidden, compressed, etc , show file ownership and more. You can then import the data into Excel and choose tab-delimited so that the data will be separated into individual columns rather than being bunched into one. However, unless you really need to print out directory listings on a daily basis, the free version will be more than enough for just about anybody.

Once you install it, you have to first choose the directory that you want to print out. You can also choose from a list of favorites on the right hand side. Note that at this point, you should see the output previewed in the bottom text window of the program. I really like this because you can play around with the different options and see the results updated instantly.

By default, Provide subdirectories and Provide files are checked. It will not list out the files that are in subdirectories. If you want to do that, you have to check the Run through subdirectories box at the bottom. In the example below, I checked Show file size and Run through subdirectories to get this output: The paid version has some pretty advanced filtering options, but really only needed if you have thousands or millions of files.

On the Output tab, you can choose where you want to export the listing out to. You can print it, copy to clipboard, or export out to Word and Excel.

To be annoying, they disabled copy to Notepad and export to file in the free version. Overall, the free version of the program does a great job and more than enough to get a complete and thorough listing of a directory. You have to pick from the Print tab or the Save to Disk tab first. Both are exactly the same, one just prints to a printer and the other saves the output to disk.

Pick your folder and choose whether you want to print file names only, folder names only, or both. You can also tell it to search sub folders and print them out also. In addition, you can include or exclude system, hidden and read-only files.

Clicking on the Show Network checkbox will allow you to see all network drives and shares and print out their structures too! You can also sort by file name, file extension, file size, date created, date modified and more.

You can also put a file filter so that only certain types of files are printed, such as images only, sound files, executables, documents, etc. Finally, you can choose from a large number of attributes that you want to include in your file print list. Just uncheck them and make sure to click on the Folder Info tab and do the same there. So those are all the different ways you can generate a directory listing for free with as much or as little information as needed.

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What is Directory List & Print?

Review by Frederick Barton on 22 Feb, Listing all your files and folders is a feature which no one has thought to include in MS Windows. It will print any of your folders, along with their contents and it can also display certain details about them. You can have the application up and running in a few seconds. There is only a 3. Simply unpack the.

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Yes, you can print a list of files in a folder or directory. We’ll show you five ways to do that, including a cmd solution and Karen’s directory printer. Free software for printing of directory trees, content of drives, MP3 lists, print the drives directory structure. Freeware to list, print and export of directory trees. DirPrintOK is a directory expression program for Windows you can print and save directory contents and / or directory structures. It is very easy to pr!.

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