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As usual, as it ‘s a hack, and before you purchase a valid product key for it, you won ‘t be able to and can’t access any updates or Microsoft Office Online. The hack may work for 60 days only. To make this hack fully working, try to delete additional file below, probably has to be deleted every two months: This article is for educational and informational purpose only.
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Free Office 2003 Product Key Product Key

So far I’ve finished MS Office , , and the versions there are different ones. The next version of oclHashcat v1. While I was working on the version I found out that there’s a weakness in the scheme that I want to share. I’m not sure if this technique is already known, but I’ve never seen a cracker that does what is neccessary to exploit it.

OTH, I don’t know all of them. The following explanations describe the vulnerability to a meet-in-the-middle attack. If you don’t know what I mean with meet-in-the-middle attack, see here: And yes, you can open the document “normally” with a collided password. From oclHashcat’s view it’s just two blocks of random data of length 16 bytes. Why is MS office doing this? The answer is it enables a key validation. The idea is the following: Then store both, the original random data and the MD5 result after both were encrypted with RC4.

Office will work the same way. MS original description: OK, the key for the RC4 is bit, but it is calculated out of a MD5 which uses just a 40 bit input because the last 32 bit are just zeros. Once we find the correct RC4 Key, which is the case when step 13 is true, we do not need to do those steps ever again.

From now on, in oclHashcat, we will just calculate steps and then compare the first 5 byte with our pre-cracked intermediate hash. That’s the meet-in-the-middle attack.

To make it more comfortable, this technique requires two seperate oclHashcat modes. The first to brute-force the intermediate hash and once you cracked it just store it.

Then you can use oclHashcat “normally” with the second mode. This mode works with the previosly cracked key and therefore only needs to calculates steps Note that in this second mode you are not stick to Brute-Force, you can use any attack-mode you want.

Actually you will not need to do that unless you try to find the real password that was used forensic stuff. Just continue reading So I made some real life tests how the cracking performance changes. If we can avoid to compute it we will speed up the performance alot. That’s still faster than any other cracker but if we exploit the weakness the numbers changes as following on a single hd Not too bad, eh?

But I believe there’s still a good chance as it’s only the first 5 byte we need to collide. After that, the collision will work as a valid password in MS Office. In the following experiment below I found my first collision after 14 seconds: If you’re wondering what this code section is about, ignore it.

It’s just info for myself if I want to reproduce it First mode, precompute intermediate hash Code:

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But office is still in demand. You can download Office for windows XP and You can open latest Ms office files using office compatibility converter pack application. You may also like: Libre office You can create documents in word Important features of word are listed on top menus. You can pick best templates styles for your resumes in word

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78 records Microsoft Office Professional with SP1 2 3 Working Serial applications windows: 5 months. Excel Password Recovery Master is used to crack. Read story Microsoft Office Portable Edition Crack by elherlili with 90 reads. download. Microsoft Office Portable Edition Crack. I recently worked on adding support to oclHashcat in order to crack the different versions of password protected MS Office documents.

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