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This looks good! Let’s execute the app to admire our crack. We’re in, and the app thinks we’re a legitimate customer. Time to get wasted and party! I recommend Vessel nightclub in downtown San Francisco. Well, not quite. We still need to make our change permanent. As it currently stands, everything will be erased as soon as we quit gdb. We need to edit the code on disk, in the actual binary file. Let’s find a chunk of our edited binary big enough that it likely won’t be repeated in the whole binary.

Taking endianness into account, we must reverse them and we get the following: By changing it back, we can deduce the original binary code to be: I used vim, but feel free to use any hex editor at this point. HexFiend has a great GUI. Convert it to hex thusly: The first part, before the colon, is the address of block. Following it are 16 bytes, broken off in two-byte segments. Incidentally, every Mach-O binary starts with the hex bytes cafebabe.

Drunk Kernel programmers probably thought it’d be funny. Now that we have our beautiful hex code loaded up, let’s search for the first two bytes of our code to replace: Too many results to make sense of. Let’s add another two bytes. Search for ” 8b45″ instead and boom, only one result: E Edit it to the following: E Convert it back to binary form, then save and quit:

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