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Posted by Ronak in: So here I am back with a very great software for my dear iPhone users. I had a iPhone long time back and I have to say I was very fed up with that iTunes. For example if I want to add a few songs in my iPhone what iTunes does is it does not just copy that songs it replace it with all my songs so if I have songs it will get replace by that few songs.
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Share to get up to 40 more actions Unlimited All features are free except for Custom Restore, Moving iTunes backup folder, and Incremental backup No trial version for paid features Unlimited Limited to actions for each feature download, delete, and rescue Share to get up to more actions for each feature Unlimited No trial version Unlimited To purchase a license, please visit our our online store. Once purchased, you will immediately receive the invoice containing the activation code as well as the activation instructions.

How to get more free actions in CopyTrans? The first time you use the free trial version of CopyTrans you are able to transfer up to tracks from any iPod, iPhone, or iPad to your PC free of charge. But you can get hold of additional free actions by following the steps below! Once you transfer your first tracks, a new window will appear prompting you to get additional free actions. You can do so by sharing about CopyTrans with family and friends Simply click on a share option.

For example, you can like our Facebook page or share about CopyTrans by posting about it on your Facebook Wall. You can also follow us on Twitter or tweet about CopyTrans. Each time your share, you get 50 more free actions.

The total of additional free actions you can get is This makes a total of tracks you can transfer free of charge from any iDevice to your PC! How to get more free actions in CopyTrans Contacts? With our sharing options you can get additional 40 actions!

Once you run out of your initial number of free actions you can easily obtain an additional set of free actions by sharing your CopyTrans Contacts experience with family and friends.

A new window listing available ways in which you can get additional actions will appear. You can also follow us on Twitter or tweet about CopyTrans Contacts. Select the method you wish to use in order to share your CopyTrans Contacts experience. Each method brings 10 additional free actions. This means that you have a total of 90 free actions available in CopyTrans Contacts before you decide to purchase the full and unlimited version of the program.

How to get more free actions in CopyTrans Photo? Want to transfer some more photos for free? Each option gives you 10 additional actions Watch as your trial action count increases! Each option grants you 10 extra actions. We added a little perk for returning users — when you have 0 actions left, just restart the app and get 40 more actions.

CopyTrans Drivers Installer

CopyTrans Drivers Installer is a good first step toward unlocking more of your Apple gadget’s potential without jailbreaking it. It gives you the right tools to start using third-party downloads with your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Upon downloading the ZIP file you will be given two options for installing this software: If you have iTunes already installed you will get an error message. Keep in mind that once you go down the road of third-party software, you’ll have to leave iTunes behind, at least temporarily. Outside of that, CopyTrans Drivers Installer makes perfect sense. It is a great alternative software for all of your Apple gadgets and is built to work and communicate with them without much difficulty or many hiccups.

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CopyTrans Crack is the best recovery and backup software for iPhone, iPad Posted by Ronak in: full version free download keygen. CopyTrans Manager lets you move music from your computer to Free CopyTrans Windows /XP//Vista/7/8/10 Version Full. CopyTrans Manager – Descargar gratis y alternativas gestionar la música de tu iPod, iPad o iPhone desde tu PC, de una forma rápida, sencilla, y gratuita.

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