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Reviews for Computer Lock Software Last updated on July 18, by Chauntaye Fayson Computer lock software is a small utility tool used to lock computer screens which in return prevents unauthorized desktop access.

This is helpful for people working with confidential data or those who wants to ensure that works remains unaltered. Busy professionals working at home with kids or pets will equally benefit from this software avoiding accidental key presses from the keyboard.

However, there are many computer locking tools out on the market right now and choosing which software works best becomes more of a challenge rather than a pleasurable experience.

To save both your time and effort, below are some of the best computer locking applications you could try. Best Lockers for PC Windows Shutdown Assistant What makes the Windows Shutdown Assistant one of the best computer lockers is that you can specify the time in which you need to lock your computer.

Just set the action as well as time, enter your desired password and the software will automatically lock the screen. It is advised to set the countdown timer in order to remind you locking operation before it is being executed. More than just an ordinary desktop screen locker, Windows Shutdown Assistant can similarly log off, restart, hibernate, run programs and open URLs at specific times. Equally, it can display screen messages as well as notes to remind you of upcoming events.

This application comes fully compatible to all versions of Windows and is guaranteed to be free of malwares as well as viruses. This software can lock your computer in just one click.

Although the interface is quite obsolete looking having a big resemblance to Windows XP, it is easy to use and very straightforward. With this tool you can set custom hotkeys for a more convenient way of locking and unlocking the system. Unsuccessful log-in attempts are furthermore recorded letting you track how many times your computer had been accessed in a day. Restart, hibernate and log-off options are also absent.

This application works with all versions of Windows may it be 32 bit or 64 bit. With it, you are allowed to lock your desktop computer right after Windows starts, power off the monitor once the system is locked, shutdown the Windows after PC is locked, specify the time in which the desktop would be locked and more. Albeit a bit steep for a computer locking software, it is a multi-user program meaning you can share it with friends or families using the same computer.

Screen Locker Coming in with a very small footprint of just KB, Screen Locker is perfect for users running old version of Windows or those with obsolete PC specifications. Unlike other computer lock software, this program is portable meaning you can carry it around and run on other computers without leaving any trace. You can take it wherever you go via USB or portable hard drive. It is free to use and it works with all versions of Windows. It helps you lock computer screen through the use of password, no more and no less.

It really works but the functions are pretty limited, it cannot run at start-up, change background image, enable sound notifications or create scheduled tasks. Sinvise Shutdown Timer This PC screen locker tools features a nice looking interface with clean lines and attractive buttons. Moreover, it comes with tons of functions such as wake-up timer, customizable system shutdown, full PC information, automatic desktop locking, personalized shutdown profiles and more.

Sinvise Shutdown Timer can even give you list of active applications and viable network connections. It is also a portable application that you can save on USB or portable hard drive. Additionally, it can take customized profiles with you so you can run the program on other computers without having to install it. The tools mentioned above are just some of the most popular and widely used applications for locking computers and protect your system.

Some offers solitary screen locking feature while others comes complete with more helpful functions to manage schedules on computers. Depending on your needs as well as wants, hope that you can find a suitable tool for yourself. Related posts:

Download Folder Lock 7.7.8 for Windows –

Desktop Lock has been used by many users to help them to protect their computers from unwanted access. Keep people off your computer. Once the computer is locked by Desktop Lock, the keyboard and mouse will be totally unavailable, none can use your computer or access your private data. People can not unlock the system without the correct unlock hotkey or unlock password, and can not terminated it with Task Manager. With its advanced features, it can keep locking even someone forced the system to be restarted. Limit users to use only the program you specified.

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