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This ensures that no one application will use too much of the available capacity and choke off the internet access to all other applications in the process. Traffic shaping can help to reduce the ping with online gaming because other applications can be restricted on how much of the available bandwidth they can use. This software is also useful for people who tether a 3G or 4G LTE cellular connection and whom wish to keep down the bandwidth usage down so they don’t finish their cellular package too quickly. The software can also create a virtual Wi-Fi network to allow other users to connect to the network through one PC. This works with Windows 7, 8 and 8.
cfosspeed for win 7 64 bit

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What’s New: Added Protocol Layer 7 Detection. From now on, cFos analyzes traffic based on the transferred data rather than the port number used. This gives cFos precise traffic analysis capabilities and thereby allows you fine-grained control over your traffic. Commonly used: All protocols can be prioritized individually.

In addition there is a “Connections console” giving you real-time information about the current connections and their detected protocols. User data of these connections can also be recorded into a log file for analysis, see session dumping below. As a by-product you can now use internet connection sharing to connect several computers to the Internet and still have e. The next major release will have additional bandwidth negotiation for multiple PCs connected to a single router.

Driver, Status Window and Setup are true bit programs! The bit version has all the features of the bit version. This makes your ISDN connections more responsive by reducing ping times. UDP packets between two peers are believed to belong to the same connection if they arrive less 10 seconds apart.

The pseudo-connections are displayed under “cfo cons” as well. This way you can have all packets of one session in one file and not more. All in one line that is: Unfortunately, the new Azureus release uses encryption which makes detection hard. Therefore, these streams are not yet detected by our layer7 detection. Especially, packets of protocols that are set to normal can be matched by later program filters usually protocols are matched first and only if no match was found, programs are matched.

Use it to check if your filters are working. If you activate it, mouse clicks are processed by the window beneath the cFos skin window. DLL when you open a port if it could not be loaded earlier.

Thus our skins now allow you to switch to low latency mode. The additional variable “latency” indicates if low latency mode is actually on. This will show a list of all tcp connections with traffic, uptime and program, one per line. Default is 1 enabled. This should fix “Internal structures full” messages in ctrace.

The numbers in brackets are the counts starting after the last time a ping worked. This should help diagnose problems where pings work but at some time stop doing so. Thanks to graf for the hint. This helps the shaping algorithm to run more smoothly. Thanks to Samuel Lee for a minidump and testing. Thanks to Joshua Lee for the report. This resulted in some unwanted “method 1 to 2” switches.

Thanks to AlexV for his help. Thanks to Dirk Schoen for his help. This should fix problems users were having in connecting with nForce 4 cards. This may have slowed communications on many ports simultaniously. Thanks to Frank Auerswald for testing. This could have been the cause for processes sending too fast, even with low est priorisation. Strange TCP segments travel the Internet! See http: TXT file created with some basic info on your system and connections.

If you are reporting bugs, please attach this file to your mail. Liquid crystal! This skin can be used in conjunction with your own bitmap. To use your own background image, replace back. As a sample we included matrix. They are included in the distribution. This work automatically and the MSS values are chosen so data transfer rates and ping times are best. Add a “-save” to have the setting saved in cfos. Switching off MSS handling is not recommended. Also you can now limit skin sections for cFos or cFosSpeed only.

So you can make skins for both products. See www. This is helpful to enter cfo. Just use “cfo sethops ” to make test pings have TTL. Thanks to Desi B for traces. You could change them but it had only effect when you saved and then restarted. Now it works immediately. Pinglog is now disabled by default. Thanks to Alex’ eye again: Thanks to the alert eye of Alex Varzakanos. If you want the old behavior, add “ATS If cFos gets invalid packets now it’s likely it’ll ignore them and just pass them on.

Before now, they would have been dropped.

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Pin0 cFosSpeed lets you optimize the use of internet connection for best results by prioritizing the bandwidth for all the running apps. It is a device driver that runs in a very small size window attached to the bottom of the screen. When you click this window, it opens as a webpage in the browser and shows you the list of currently active connections. It is a free, efficient network traffic shaping application that improves the speed and performance of internet. Installation Method: After the software setup is downloaded, execute its setup. You need to choose the language for Installation Wizard, agree with the license agreement terms, specify an installation directory and choose how the software should handle the usage statistics.

VIDEO: cFosSpeed Documentation – driver not loaded – cFos Software

Mar 29, cFosSpeed, free download. Speed booster Review of cFosSpeed. Includes tests and PC download for Windows 32 and bit systems. Aug 6, Go to User Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows get to the Local Group Policy Editor on windows 7 basic/home premium. However, after upgrading to windows 10 and having it. It only seemed to start occurring after installing Windows 10, but the slowdown Is also present in Windows 7. -Software-for-Bluetooth-Technology-for-Windowsbit-WP-) and deselecting “cFosSpeed for faster internet connections (NDIS 6)”.

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