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See https: But 4. UI refresh Every element was redesigned and re-rendered for a consistent, high-contrast, high resolution and modern aesthetic. Buttons and other tools have been more intuitively grouped and sized. A new font has been selected for improved antialiasing and readability.
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See https: But 4. UI refresh Every element was redesigned and re-rendered for a consistent, high-contrast, high resolution and modern aesthetic. Buttons and other tools have been more intuitively grouped and sized. A new font has been selected for improved antialiasing and readability.

Major topics previously neglected have been rewritten to reflect all that has been added to this software over the years.

UI elements were designed to look sharp at up to DPI. No more tiny icons on 4K monitors and beyond. Remote management This is perhaps the most significant upgrade in terms of software power and flexibility—you may now use one Blue Iris installation to manage many others simultaneously. BVR clips are opened using progressive download management so that only the portions of the file of interest are transferred.

Status pages, the timeline and clips lists are refreshed as they are updated on the server. Sounds are played and popups may be displayed locally from all remote connected systems.

Configuration changes are made seamlessly by uploading any edits. You may create a list of these actions to be executed in any order or combination. Each action has an associated profile selector to allow you to manage actions for all profiles together on one page.

New alert action types There are also new action types. These include toaster pop-up messages in the lower-right corner of the Windows display, FTP transfers, and simply the ability to wait an arbitrary time between consecutive actions. You now may specify the devices and text for push notifications. Support for legacy Android GCM push notifications was added. Clip management updates In addition to its own UI refresh, the timeline view receives a couple of other interesting updates—the ability to zoom in further and have alert images displayed directly on the clip tracks.

Days are delimited by a solid color bar. For BVR content, you may now slide the speed control left to slow down or reverse, or right to speed up and go forward. Click the horizontal control anywhere to set the speed directly, or slide and release to return to the previous setting. This will come in handy if you find yourself setting and then having to later adjust the same alerts or other settings across multiple cameras. Global volume control You may now use the mute and volume controls to adjust the live volume on all cameras simultaneously.

The same mute and volume control is used by the clip viewer window as well. Technology The time is right with a major software upgrade to also update development and runtime environments. The latest Microsoft technologies, video processing and runtime libraries are now used and redistributed.

While we lose support for the oldest operating systems dating back to ! As we are all interested in getting the most out of our CPU clock cycles, these newer development tools combined with new code optimizations will combine to contribute to a more efficiently running system. Work will continue with Intel and Nvidia to further leverage graphics hardware assistance.

Unlike other software which is released just once, or which sees an update only every one or two years, this is just the beginning for Blue Iris 5. As with versions past, improvement and innovation will continue over the coming years. The client apps for iOS and Android, as well as the UI3 browser interface all will receive major updates as well. Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming the major focus for all video security software, and this includes Blue Iris 5.

In conjunction with Sentry Smart Alerts, a solution is already in place to reduce false triggers when human recognition is ideal. These options will be expanded to also include free services as well as LPR and facial recognition technologies. Please keep the suggestions coming, and we thank you for your continued support of Blue Iris.

After 3 years of continuous 3. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, please enjoy! This is considered a major upgrade and a full installation is required. The installer will create a new Program Files folder, new desktop icon, etc. Once you are comfortable with the transition you may uninstall your older version, but be sure to say NO to the prompt about deleting your settings, as these are shard between versions!

The user interface has been graphically redesigned. It is now decidedly more subdued and consistent in an effort to highlight important status icons, messages and your own video content. The latest version of the Microsoft compiler and runtimes In fact, this has already identified several potential vulnerabilities and these have been corrected.

A bit version is now available. This version is capable of using all available RAM in your PC whereas the bit version is limited to only a couple of GB before it becomes unstable due to out of memory conditions. The 32 and 64 bit versions will share a single registry location on a bit PC so that they may be used interchangeably if necessary.

The automatic and check for update will download a platform specific executable. If you update manually you must remember to select the appropriate platform. The full installer will be built with both versions and offer a selection. The Viewer window for playback has been revised.

The speed slider is gone, replaced with a more DVR-like multiple-click of the Play button. Full reverse playback capability is added for BVR file content. A new Timeline view at the bottom of the window as has been added. This view graphically represents your clip and alerts lists.

With 12 levels of zoom it allows you to get down to the minute or to see many days at once. Clicking in this view cues the clips list. Double-clicking in the timeline view opens all-new functionality: In this mode, the cameras window becomes a playback window and BVR files are opened for each camera as available at the playback position.

All open clips will playback in synchronization. You can click an individual camera window to select it for the audio playback. Double click a camera window to open the displayed clip in the standard clip playback window for direct position slider access, exporting etc.

The position slider in the standard viewer now uses a standard time metric for BVR files. Previously, the slider position represented the file offset position, which caused the slider to appear jumpy as frame sizes varied. The default No Signal camera window will now also contain the last known good image from the camera, allowing you to quickly determine when the outage occurred and what might have been occurring.

PTZ presets on the main UI window now offer two selection methods, both buttons and a list box. A new license key mechanism should hopefully be even less susceptible to inadvertent deactivations. A roadmap has been set for the next several years of version 4.

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