White Balance plug-in for Magix/Sony Vegas

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They will give you complete creative control that goes far beyond your built-in effects and transitions. Each Vegas plugin works in both versions of Vegas — so if you use Vegas Movie Studio now and someday may upgrade to Vegas Pro, there will be no need to re-buy a Vegas plugin from us. Click any Vegas plugin below to learn more, see example movies, and to download a fully-functional demo version to try on your own clips. ALL of our plugins are compatible with any version of Windows that Sony Vegas is compatible with, including Windows 8 and
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Sony Vegas Review

Vegas Pro video editor is available in four versions. I recommend using Vegas Pro 16 Edit option. The program is considered to be one of the most expensive video editors. Read more to find out how to use Sony Vegas free without watermarks. Start making professional video editing with Vegas Pro right now! Vegas Review If you have never used Vegas Pro or video editing softwares at all, read my detailed review with video samples about how this software works and what can you get after downloading Vegas Pro Main functions In addition to a variety of additional features, the program also has all the standard Vegas editing tools necessary for video post production but with some peculiarities.

You can choose which features and settings you need and remove the rest. This is a very important feature, as extra tools can interfere. It also allows you to customize many aspects of your work very deeply. For example, you can specify the maximum number of rendering threads.

Such nuances can frighten some users, but experienced professionals like it. Instant Stop Frame Just place the cursor in the right place on the timeline and you will get a freeze frame at the selected position instantly. Sync Link You can set the hierarchy for individual objects during video editing. You can both move the elements of the lower and the higher levels with all the items attached to them, without breaking the overall structure.

Advanced Video Processing Mode You can perform many actions related to professional video processing much faster and more accurately in Sony Vegas Pro 16 using the advanced mode.

Previous and next frames will be displayed on the timeline with the possibility of moving them with the mouse or keyboard. You can work with individual frames even during playback using cyclic video processing. Multi-Camera Video Editing Sony Vegas Pro allows you to process materials captured on several cameras in a diverse and universal way. You can switch between an unlimited number of different sources of images using the mouse or keyboard.

It is not difficult to combine multi-camera material. In addition, the export menu of Vegas Pro 16 Edit is much more convenient than the interface of some similar programs. It is much better than the inconvenient Adobe Premiere menu overloaded with a large amount of unnecessary information.

Effects and Compositing Sony Vegas has dozens of interesting tools that you may not find in other similar programs. Read about them below.

Mask Tools You can create both rectangular and oval masks by selecting the desired fragments and applying Bezier curves. You may also work with tools to create masks of any shape. ACES 1. The user can achieve almost perfect results. You can both take advantage of ready-made settings, and use your own with the help of controls. Compositional effects allow you to create lighting or backlighting effect.

A wide range of composition tools allows us to expand the scope of possibilities significantly. Auto White Balance This is the possibility to get perfect white balance automatically.

Audio Editing I have already touched this topic above. For sure, the program has very wide possibilities for audio tracks editing. Automatic Envelope Recording You can draw envelope curves in real time using the mouse or, if available, external devices.

Automatic work with parameters is available for both stereo and surround tracks. Work with Multichannel Sound You have a wide selection of tools for recording and processing sound in Vegas Pro, which will help you work on a professional level.

Audio recording can be performed by splitting it into any number of individual tracks. There will always be a significant number of different effects at your disposal. Using the automatic function and your own ideas, you can create a smart soundtrack for your videos. Apply volume effects both for one track and for the whole project.

Wide Selection of Sound Effects Choose the best options from more than 30 software tools and automate effects with real-time modulation envelopes. Surround effects primarily include an equalizer, a vibration effect, and a Wave Hammer Surround compressor. Besides, the possibility to perform audio processing already at the sample level allows you to apply the most accurate settings, remove noise, and restore synchronization of the unsynchronized material. Signal Volume Meters Optimize your recordings in a wide dynamic range.

Work with complex rendering for a signal of any quality. Vegas Pro Requirements Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 8. Read my reviews of the best computers for video editing that will not lag. Moreover, you can choose a good monitor for video editing to work with 4k video footage professionally. You can see that the requirements of the program do not go beyond appropriate limits and are necessary for the correct work and speed of the software.

Practice shows that it is enough to have a modern computer with standard features for successful work. You do not have to buy a superpowerful device for video and audio processing. Plug-ins for Vegas Pro There are dozens of add-ons and plug-ins for this program. They are created to add any tools and make the workflow more convenient.

It can work in offline mode too. All built-in tools will help you simplify control of lighting conditions and create stylish video effects.

Top 8 Best Vegas Pro Plugins

Earlier it was owned by Sony but now the owner of this video editing software is Magix Software GmbH. If you want to make best use of it then you must install plugins in your system. Though Vegas Pro has its own video effects and built-in plugin but new plugin will make your experience more productive. Top 8 Best Vegas Pro Plugins 1.

VIDEO: Sony Vegas Review – Is Sony Vegas Pro the Best Video Editing Software?

New Sony and Magix Vegas Pro effects plugins & Vegas Movie Studio The BEST VALUE film looks effects plugins with exclusive advantages over all others . Wondering about which Sony Vegas plugins are worth your attention? Here’s a short list for you to read and find out which plugins to download. Read it and find . VEGAS Pro 16 Suite Powerful video production, audio editing & high-end plug- ins . “VEGAS Pro 15 is easily one of the best upgrades VEGAS has had in years . The Crop and PiP plugins are extremely helpful, I love the hamburger buttons.

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