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When it detects such an email, it immediately blocks it. Note that Avast also blocks outgoing emails if it detects suspicious activity. If Avast blocks legitimate emails from your clients or prevents you from sending emails, you can temporarily disable the Mail Shield. Remember that the security solution will no longer be able to protect you from malicious attachments while its Mail Shield is turned off.
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Avast Slowing Internet Down Issue: Get Hassle-Free Solution

Avast Free v5. January 16, , I signed up to see what was being done about the problem, and obviously nothing if they don’t know about it. I have spoken to AOL several times over the weekend and I haven’t had to contact them in years with any issues!

This has been very frustrating. I actually saw the whole thing unfold. I was online and suddenly Avast alerted me that there was a new version 5. I clicked yes to go ahead and upgrade as I had done in the past without incident. It asks you to restart your computer as usual, which I did.

All of a sudden, I find that AOL will not connect. I thought it was a fluke for a moment no problems with AOL whatsoever prior, and again not for many years. I kept trying. It would say “finding a way to connect” and that would run for an hour that way and do nothing for me. I was able to connect to the internet through Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer as usual without incident. I was aggravated as AOL is my main software, and has my e-mail etc, and it would not connect no matter what I tried.

I had exhausted all possibilities I even temporarily turned off Windows Firewall, and that did not help me. I emptied caches, rebooted, tried all the fixes I could try throughout my computer Windows 7 PC, and running perfectly otherwise, as it had from the day I received it.

I ran Avast and no viruses were found. I ran my SpySweeper and no problems were found. I finally called AOL and braced myself. The man I spoke to was honest with me and said that they were fielding many calls like mine, and all from people using Avast Anti-Virus. He tried to do all of the things he could do from his end, but nothing worked.

The next day yesterday I tried again and still AOL is not able to connect but everything else will. I was disgusted. I told her Avast and she said that they are not able to assist me! I was stunned! She said that for liability reasons, she cannot tell me to uninstall the software however the problem is not with AOL. It’s with people using AOL and Avast and that they have been getting calls left and right all weekend.

I wanted to pull my hair out. I’ve been using Avast’s free anti- virus for years and tried to find a number to call them, but only found Iyogi I finally caved and uninstalled my Avast and lo and behold, AOL is working again just fine! I kept trying to find an older version to download as apparently AOL had no problems with those, but to no avail and I would only go through someone I trust.

I did take note of something else. I had a hunch and after AOL had been working for most of the day, I then downloaded free Avast again, and all was fine. So in other words, I would need to uninstall and reinstall Avast daily! Soooo aggravated.

This is obviously a conflict between AOL and Avast’s newest upgrade.

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December 29, , The problem is not with the Internet connection itself, of this I am sure. I have no problem accessing the Internet from someone else’s computer using my wireless Internet access. And my ISP has confirmed that my modem is functioning properly.

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Avast!™ AntiVirus Support. The world of internet has witnessed immense growth in the past Developed by Avast™ Software a.s., Avast™ Antivirus incorporates the latest Usually, computer problems can occur due to software conflict, usage of Mozilla Firefox Support · AOL Support · Facebook Support · Gmail Support. Version of an AV, I personally would go with Avast rather than AVG. . on the same machine at the same time will actually CONFLICT with each other. very well liked and cosidered effective by its users, and AVS from AOL, which has a large. I have no problem using AOL Instant Messenger. avast isn’t a firewall, so doesn ‘t conflict with your firewall, which you don’t say what it is.

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