iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes Screen and Won’t Restore

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When this issue occurs, you won’t be able to use your device and hence you will not be able to fix this issue. The brief reasons for this to happen is when you fail to jailbreak the iPhone properly or if you try to upgrade your iPhone to latest iOS and it goes horribly wrong. There could be numerous reason for this to happen but in this post, we will show you how to fix this issue and permanently get rid of it. There are few advices provided by Apple itself for these kind of occasions.
apple iphone 6s stuck on apple logo

Is Your iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo? 4 Solutions You’d Wish You Knew Sooner

Users find it an epitome of perfection with a perfect blend of advanced technologies. Every individual has several inputs to justify why it is the most sold phone. Despite being intuitive and having zillions of fans, occasionally it creates a hindrance for its prestigious users by creating issues, such as iPhone Stuck on Apple logo. If you are an avid Apple iPhone user and stuck on the white Apple logo or indicating Apple logo on a black screen when you try to start the device, then your search for a solution to the issue ends here.

This blog is a sure-shot guide to resolve this challenge. Why iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo? Several troubleshooting methods are in used to fix this issue. Some of the approaches are: Course of Action 1: Restart the iPhone Figure: Restart the iPhone It is the simplest way to fix the issue. Though the probability to resolve the concern is low yet in some instances it helps.

Steps are as follows: Hard Restart the iPhone Figure: Hard Reset the iPhone This another approach to restart the iPhone is more inclusive restart type and is comparatively more powerful. On several occasions, this little trick helps to resolve the concern. Recovery Mode Figure: This approach is relatively simple and helps in most of the cases. When the device is in Recovery Mode, it makes iPhone connectivity with iTunes to either backup the data or let it restore iOS fresh installation.

It does not work in jailbreak or hardware concern Course of Action 4: DFU Mode If the issue is because of booting, then it is a great solution. Device Firmware Update mode allows you to communicate with the iTunes without starting bootloader. Using it, you can restore the iPhone from any stage.

Always remember it wipes the complete iPhone and starts fresh. It can erase all the data from the device thus, should only be practiced when you have a handy backup. What if you still face the iPhone stuck on the Apple Logo issue? Step-Forward Solution In such scenarios, going for a professional solution like third-party recovery tool is a great option.

This solution being software-directed not only protects you from Data compromise and loss risk but also makes recovery journey simple, fast, and an efficient process. Also, it is completely free from manual intervention. The only point to take into consideration is to avoid challenges and ensure safe recovery selection as online market has plethora solutions. Potent enough, this software allows you to recover data from iOS devices, iCloud backup files, and iTunes backup effortlessly.

The best thing is it promises Data Integrity. Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone The functioning of this software is very simple. You simply have to connect iPhone to your system, launch the software and follow the sequential steps for different Recovery option—Recover from iPhone, Recover from iTunes Backup, Recover from iCloud Backup. The Final Word Apple iPhones are the most in-demand and widely used phones nowadays. Being an electronic stuff, similar to other devices it sometimes too suffers from one or another issue.

When you face such an annoying state such as stuck on Apple logo, there is a dire need to fix the issue without affecting the valuable data saved on it. To overcome the issues, several hacks are discussed.

You can choose any of them as per your need. It works like a wonder. Try it! About The Author Sumona is a technical blogger with experience in writing data recovery tips and tutorials. She is passionate about Photography and Exploring lesser-known destinations. Best Selling Products.

1: Forced Restart Your iPhone

An error has occured while you were updating your iPhone and as result the device is freezed on a white screen with a black apple logo! Can’t get into Recovery or Restore? I’ve been using ios 7 since beta one on my device and with the release I updated my wife’s 5 to ios 7 too. This post shows how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo and explains how to easily and quickly recover files from iPhone with white Apple screen of death.

There are a lot of different reasons why an iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo and usually you don’t need to have your iPhone replaced to fix. Learn how to fix times when your iPhone screen goes dark or won’t turn on. Keep holding them until you see the Apple Logo; On an iPhone 6s and . Your device is stuck on the Apple logo, displays a solid color, or isn’t. In this article, I’ll explain why your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo and reset on an iPhone 6S and earlier models, press and hold the Home.

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