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Author admin Leave a comment Any Video Converter 6. But it does more than that. This video converter software also allows users to download videos from popular online services and rip content from your DVDs.
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Any Video Converter Ultimate 6.3.1 Serial key & Crack Free Download

In the main interface there are 5 visible areas: All converted file are saved in this folder. You can choose an option from: Movie – The converted file is saved on your movie folder Documents – The converted file is saved on your documents folder Desktop – The converted file is saved on your desktop Source folder – The converted file is saved in the same location as the original file Choose folder – You can choose any folder on your computer or a network folder.

Send to iTunes With this option enabled, every converted files are automatically imported into your iTunes movie library.

This option work only if you select an Apple device. Remux when possible With Remux option enabled, the application analize the file before convertion and choose the fastest way to convert the selected video. This function works only with some file. Usually this option is the best way to convert your video, however sometimes you must disable Remux option to convert some movies. Advanced mode By selecting “advanced mode” you can choose an audio language and subtitle for every file you convert.

There is 4 options: Selecting this option a multichannel audio track will be converted mixing all channels into a stereo audio track – 5. Selecting this option a multichannel audio track will be converted in 5.

Selecting this option a multichannel audio track will be converted into 2 audio tracks. One is mixed down all channels to stereo AAC. The other track will be a 5. This option is designed to offload CPU work. If you are in Standard Mode the conversion start automatically.

If you are in Advanced mode, the conversion start only when you press “start conversion” button. After this trial period, is necessary to buy a full license. This is a step by step guide to activate your AnyVideo Converter HD 1 Download a copy of AnyVideo Converter HD 2 Go here to buy a license key Buy Now from Avangate secure 3 Follow the instructions to complete your order 4 After payment, you receive an e-mail with your license key License key is a 32 character string like this: Support How to convert a movie Convert a movie standard mode To convert a movie, you can follow these simple steps: To convert a movie selecting audio language or subtitle, you can follow these simple steps: You can change this option using “advanced mode”.

Go to “Preferences” panel and select “advaced mode”. In the audio track menu are showed all available audio languages for the movie. The “auto” option select the primary language available.

If you see more than one audio language in menu, you can choose one of it. Sometimes there isn’t a language description in the original file. When the audio language track doesn’t have a description, you can choose one, than press “play” button to have a preview of movie with the selected audio language. Go to “Preferences panel” and select “advaced mode”. You can edit subtitle settings for every single file from a preferences icon, on the right side of file name. If the movie have some subtitles tracks, you can view all subtitles as list in “subtitle” track menu.

If you want you can add subtitle track by an external. If you add a subtitle from external file, you must set a “language tag”. When you play your movie in a device, the subtitle will be showed by selecting the subtitle language from a device menu. For example: Swich to “Advanced mode” by selecting it from “preferences”. Press preferences icon on the right side of the file name.

Select “load subtitle file” from “subtitle tracks” menu. Select your external subtitle file. Choose a “language tag”. Close preferences panel by pressing icon. Press start conversion. To view subtitle on your device, select the subtitle option and select the language specified on “language tag”. To activate the subtitle view in your device, please refer to user manual of your device.

Remux when possible A video file is composed by a video track and an audio track. To be played in a device, both tracks must be compatible with it. Sometimes only one track need to be converted.

Using Remux function, AnyVideo Converter HD analize the original file tracks before convertion, and convert only necessary track. If is necessary to convert only audio track for example , the conversion is very fast, and video quality is the same as the orginal. Remux option is enabled by default.

However sometime the original file appears as a Remuxable file, but this is not true. Unfortunally is not possible to know this before starting conversion. In this case you will notified with a red error message. Try to disable Remux option and drag and drop another time the file to convert. Advices Using Remux you can save a lot of conversion time selecting a right output format. If the source has a resolution of p and can be converted using remux, the best choice for output is p the video will not be resized.

If the source has a resolution of p and can be converted using remux, the best choice for output is p or p the video will not be resized. Example of.

Main interface

Any Video Converter Ultimate 6. It too easy to convert all format. It can convert files. It will enhance the portal video. Any Video Converter Ultimate Crack can work on default format that the user creates, the file that may require any video and audio, It accepts the charge to make them change. These convert them very fast and efficiently; This software has updated weekly and enhanced many new market format included in it.

VIDEO: AnyVideo Converter HD – User guide

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