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Squirrels AirParrot 2 (for Mac)

But this added functionality has also added to the price. The latest version of AirParrot costs fifty percent more than the last version; however, users will likely find that this refined utility is worth the cost. Getting Connected My interest in AirParrot emerged from personal necessity. In searching for a workaround, I discovered AirParrot, then at version 1. On the Mac, installing AirParrot is as easy as dragging and dropping it into the Applications folder.

After you open it, the utility appears in your menu bar for easy access. From its drop-down menu, you can access video-mirroring and media-streaming settings, adjust video quality from low to very high , or even set a maximum frame rate by default video streams at 30fps, which may be too high for slower networks.

Connecting to wireless devices, such as the Apple TV or Google Chromecast, is as simple as clicking their interface icons. The latest version of AirParrot even supports Bluetooth Discovery and Quick Connect Codes, through which you can connect to other types of devices.

First, you can share your desktop, which might be useful if you wanted to troubleshoot on the big screen. More valuable for my purposes, however, was AirParrot’s ability to share a particular application window—ideal for watching short Web clips or peer-editing a document. With version 1. Version 2 addresses this problem. Not only does video now look better from a shared application, but Squirrels also offers dedicated media sharing.

Using media sharing, I found that Squirrels’s video performance rivaled that of AirPlay from an iPhone 6. Not only does the video look better, but thanks to Squirrels’ support for 5. My one complaint about the media sharing is the limited video controls: You scan ahead in video using a tiny—and imprecise—slider. AirParrot 2 also supports streaming to AirPort Express routers, and it can even simultaneously stream your media to multiple devices.

This means that if you have two televisions, one paired with an Apple TV and a second connected to a Chromecast, you can watch the same video on both screens. Now that Squirrels has improved video streaming, AirParrot rivals, and potentially exceeds, AirPlay thanks to its effortless interface and generous third-party support. The utility is more expensive than its previous iteration, but Squirrels has done a lot of work both under and above the hood to make it worth the price.

Squirrels AirParrot 2 for Mac excellent.

Publisher’s Description

AirParrot is the only mirroring solution available for Chromebooks that allows mirroring the entire screen to AirPlay receivers like Apple TV and Reflector. AirParrot for Chrome OS provides a solution for home, business and education users. Entering a Quick Connect Code or IP address allows users to connect to destinations when networks might not support discovery. Recently connected devices also appear at the top of the receiver list if they are available.

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The latest version of AirParrot even supports Bluetooth Discovery and Quick Connect Codes, through which you can connect to other types of. Can I use Quick Connect to pair Reflector 2 and Reflector Director? First, you will need to locate the Reflector 2 Quick Connect code. North Canton’s Squirrels, has created flagship applications AirParrot and With entering a short Quick Connect Code, Reflector Director allows.

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