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Subscribe Yes — Adobe Acrobat X has just been announced with all the details… Pretty much on the timeframe we forecast , you can learn about and order any of the three new versions, or download the free trials. There are plenty of new features, but Adobe really worked hard on this release to make it sleek and polished, giving it a new streamlined interface and making it faster and easier to use than previous versions. Native, seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint. Streamlined commenting with all markup tools and comments on a single, unified pane. New customizable Quick Tools area to quickly access the tools you use most.
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Depending on your license, you may have to deactivate your Adobe software on one computer before installing it on another. In Acrobat, you can choose to deactivate the licensing for the product or suspend your activation temporarily.

After you’ve deactivated Acrobat, you can use your serial number to activate the software on your new computer. You can install Acrobat using the original software disc, or by downloading the software from Adobe’s website.

How to Deactivate Acrobat Open Acrobat on the computer on which you no longer wish to use the software. Step 2 Click the “Help” file menu, and then click “Deactivate…” Select one of the deactivation options. Click “Deactivate” or “Suspend Activation” to temporarily deactivate the software. Click “Deactivate Permanently” to permanently deactivate the software.

You will need to enter the serial number to reactivate the software on this computer. For example, use the software installation disc or download an installation file from the My Adobe website. Step 2 Run Acrobat on your new computer, enter your serial number when prompted by Adobe, and then click the “Activate” button. Acrobat will attempt to communicate your licensing information with its servers.

Click “Help” in the top file menu of Acrobat and then click “Activate. To download a trial version of Acrobat to activate after you’ve installed it, click the “Download” tab on the My Adobe website, “Product Trials” and then the “Try” link under the Acrobat Pro entry. Follow the instructions to download and install the software. If you acquired Acrobat through a bundle on a new computer, you may need to contact your computer’s manufacturer to obtain license information for your software.

Steps may vary slightly or significantly with other versions. Find a Download Link on Adobe. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Photo Credits.


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Acrobat Pro DC is composed of three components: Acrobat DC, which a perpetual license for desktop-only versions, too: $ for Pro and. We have noticed on this user’s computer, it has the Adobe Acrobat X Pro Since we do not have the original Adobe Acrobat X license key, we. Previous versions of Acrobat, such as Acrobat XI Pro, include perpetual licenses that allow the user to install the software and use it indefinitely.

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